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Note to readers:  I've been updating/streamlining this quite a lot lately (7/7/18) particularly, the prologue.  You might want to review the  first part to catch up on any new format information.  Oh, and hello to all my loyal readers!  Thanks-  Ron.  

This is a not-for-profit informational site that is my resource to share with you many ways to shortcut your desire for a healthy life.  Before I get into the main body of this presentation I want to snapshot some items that you would most likely find very effective in attaining most of your wellness goals.  I am providing this information for educational purposes only- I am not trying to diagnose or cure or in any way trying to ignore legal prohibitions from doing so.  My advice is to research my suggestions, decide for yourself, and discuss with your health care professional any dietary or life changes to determine if they are compatible with any medications,  or whatever is presenting in your life.

I'm making a primary assumption that you have been eating a 'normal' American diet and are probably 'unhealthy' as a result...  Thus, much of what follows is to repair and remediate that very fact!

To begin with I want to give you a very healing, detox and weight loss suggestion.  If you can manage it, this is my basic daily diet-  A large salad (BIG bowl) of organic (I like 'Organics' Half and Half or SuperGreens) with broccoli sprouts, 2 tbsps. raw sunflower seeds, a moderate amount of croutons (optional), some parmesan cheese, chopped tomato/cucumber/avocado or such is you like, 2 tbsps extra virgin cold pressed olive oil with 2 tbsps organic raw apple cider for dressing.  I also sprinkle 2 tbsps 'NOW' psyllium husk powder for extra cleansing fiber.  This is my basic meal.  For breakfast I have an organic poached egg with my supplements and a small amount of low fat yogurt.  I have some yogurt for dinner and an orange or grapefruit in the afternoon.  Have the salad for lunch or dinner- whatever works for you.  Coffee, tea, water.  It's best if you keep to this mostly but you can  take a one day break every 3-4 weeks and have something different...  You don't have to and you probably will enjoy the tastes but you will probably notice that you feel kind of crummy, too.   May seem kind of tough but you will really notice benefits over time!  As you feel better and you get to a healthier weight and body then transition to the other suggestions that follow- just remember that this is a great basic formula to hold to. 

  Even though they may scoff your attempts to heal naturally there are real possibilities that some of these suggestions may impact any prescriptions or conditions that you have and thus, changing doses or monitoring such is recommended.  This is particularly true if you are on blood thinners,  have kidney or liver disease, or are taking meds for high blood pressure.  My suggestions could interact with these conditions or others, and I think it wise to keep your doctor/pharmacist in the loop.  My hope is that, over time your symptoms improve, and you may be able to move off pharmaceuticals altogether and eventually be naturally strong and healthy.
It's important for me to say that my perception is that the nutritional information one encounters out there is for the most part based on opinion and commercially generated mythology.  Dietetic "science" has largely been co-opted by powerful forces in the food and medical industries.  Even many so-called natural remedies are based on fallacious assumptions, hype and a gullible audience.  Please note that I am trying here to debunk many sacred cows and core beliefs that do nothing but lead you away from your basic health goals.  So you may think my thoughts are too unorthodox or in error.  It is my hope that you will keep an open mind and actually have the courage to pursue my suggestions and go forward into a bright, knowledgeable, and healthy future.  To that end, let's proceed onward.   

 As we begin this please let me admit that 40 some odd years ago when I began to explore my my health and the problems I was encountering in life I was quite naive about nutrition and metabolic science.  I've learned much about my self and solutions painstakingly discovered along the way.  So bear that in mind- these are not obvious answers and your condition is probably the results of big business practices and deceptions abetted by the FDA and the AMA!  

This is a new update for my readers that I wanted to alert about.  As I mention I recommend certain things for my 'smoothies.'  Lately I've added 2 new items into the mix and I'm very impressed with the results.  Particularly in energy, stamina and recovery time.  They are both from Bulk Supplements.  1 tspn. Creatine Monohydrate in the morning ( I buy the 1 Kilogram size).  The other is L-Carnitine 1/2 tspn. morning and noon.  I think you will notice nice changes within 1 week!
Recently I've adjusted my dietary habits  to include suggestions found in James Ward's Cruise Control Diet.  It's all in accord with my own recommendations that are further on in this section, but it provides useful metabolic data that further justifies what I present as an outline for lifetime eating habits that are nearly effortless and have amazing consequences for superior wellness and particularly fat loss.  It explains the truth about how you got overweight and the way back to a slim body quickly.   I've included the gist of it here and updated my text as well. The fact is that when you eat certain foods such as sugar,  simple carbs  as in processed grains, starches, and processed foods,  your insulin production spikes. Then the body stops producing  Hormone Sensitive Lipase, the primary mechanism that transports and metabolizes body fat when  insulin levels are normal .  The result is that the body continues to store more fat rather than burn it.  This metabolic fact is crucial to your success!  I'm convinced that this information, once applied would make most all diet programs obsolete. The trick is how to defeat this cycle.  
The answer is somewhat different than Dr. Atkins and not that tough to follow with James program.  If you follow my basic advice you'll be doing this.   The book complements my site exactly. Go on line and check it out, you'll be glad you did.  It costs $39.95.  This diet or way of eating is simply profound and life changing, particularly if excess weight is a chronic issue for you.  It is easy reading and has more in depth analysis for those who would like to know more about how this works.  

 James suggests that is you are not finding satisfactory weight loss that you reduce to one meal per day until you reach your goal.  Then try and see if two work to maintain that.  I continue my supplements as usual.  I eat my meal at lunch and have a grapefruit at breakfast and dinnertime about 20 minutes after my supplements.  I find this very powerful.

As an aside, some of you might find satisfaction with the Paleo Diet.  Information about this choice is available and elsewhere, online...

Please remember that this is my 'current' strategy and if you find the information changes or is  slightly different, don't panic!  If some past suggestion is working well for you, stay with it...  I'm just keeping everything up to the moment at this end.

If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease, I recommend that you consult with a physician registered at and/or the site .

If you are suffering from cholesterol problems I suggest you google Niacin/cholesterol.   It appears that 500 mgs. 3 times daily plus high DHA/EPA fish oil (i.e. PCNL 'Platinum' omega 3 fish oil at Amazon) should help you resolve this better, naturally, than 'statins.'  The problem is that you have to get used to the niacin flush...  I've become to enjoy this over time, though I admit at first it's kind of uncomfortable for about an hour and you will turn bright red when your blood vessels open up... 

I really recommend that focusing first on the digestion system will be of great benefit to probably the majority of my readers.  This is very important.  The first thing is a deep colon cleanse and to get you regular.  I use Aerobic Life Mag O7 (that's OH not Zero).  It's available at vitacost or amazon.  Follow the protocol- at bedtime, start with 2 then work up to 5 caps for 7-10 days or longer then back down to what works to keep you regular.  Read the reviews at amazon.  The Perfect Cleanse product is good too.  Just be sure to have regular bowel movements later even if you need extra fibre like citrucel or psyllium, or metamusil...  These days I take one cap along with Swanson's Psyllium husks- 1 each at bedtime plus 1 psyllium with my lunch/dinner sups.  Concurrent with this take a good multi-strain probiotic, Swanson has a good one in Dr. Langer's 'Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic.'  It's important to have a good multi-strain probiotic for ideal intestinal/immune system health!  Drink a half glass of water along with a 3 caps of good quality colustrum twice a day on an empty stomach and you will greatly improve your auto immune system and you should notice profound enhanced health.  

To facilitate this process you should include prebiotic foods in your diet.  These are foods that form a healthy intestinal environment for beneficial bacteria to flourish.  Simply google 'prebiotic foods' and you'll find a complete list of these- I have a dil pickle with lunch typically.  Doing this will take full advantage of the bodies ability to develop a greatly strengthened immune system and thereby yield a potent defense against illness and preventable diseases!

Probably one of the most powerful supplements for anti-aging, depression, arthritus,  anxiety, stress, insomnia, and general well-being is niacinamide- along with a B50-complex.  The therapeutic research suggests that the dose is 1,500 mgs. to 3,000 mgs a day in divided dosages.  For example, 500 mgs. three times a day or if you have trouble sleeping take 1,000 mgs. at bedtime with some earlier.  You'll have to play with the dosage to find what is most beneficial.  Google. Fortuneatly, it's inexpensive, especially at Swanson's.  You'll probably find that adding Lithium orotate, 120mgs. twice a day complements this... 

Note: I take my lithium with the colustrum- not with magnesium as they compete for absorption...
I've also begun taking 'Purely Beneficial' Resveratrol 1450 with my noon and dinner supplements as this supercharges the benefits of the beet root/citrulline health factors.  Its available at amazon.  You should notice positive changes in blood pressure and liver function!  

If you are serious about heavy metal detox,pesticide detox, I highly recommend liquid Zeolite available at  If you call you can get it at  discount- 6 bottles for $66.  I think you'll be better for it! 

Another product that is especially effective for heavy metal detox and arterial plaque removal is Arizona Naturals EDTA- available at Amazon, Swanson's and most such sites.  About $11 for a two month supply, I wait at least 2 hours after dinner and dissolve 2 caps under my tongue (sublingual) for better absorption and have a large glass of water after that. Read the reviews...  

I take "high potency" fish oil with my supplements, that I purchased at  I'm very pleased with the results.  You want the ones with lots of DHA and EPA...  I prefer the PCNL  "Platinum" brand.  Research all the amazing benefits of this supplement and remember to store in the freezer to preserve potency/freshness!  
There are many supplements out there.  Probably my most single recommendation would be "Doctor Recommended" Turmeric at amazon.  It may be provident in helping you overcome a variety of issues.   It's important to take these items with fat to enhance/facilitate the body's ability to absorb them.  I often take about a tablespoon of Nutiva organic coconut oil (Vitacost or Costless- large size) with my supplements as it's both a superfood and provides the fat to metabolize the Curcumin.   

Since I wrote the above paragraph I've begun using Swanson's Sea Cucumber- 2 in the A.M. and 2 in the afternoon, to help me address knee/back/joint aches.  Well, to be direct, this is now my favorite single supplement!  It is amazing for me and you may benefit from using it too.  The recommended dose is not 2 twice, but that's what works for me.  I really recommend this supplement, even if these are not issues for you currently.   Check the reviews at Swanson's, Amazon, and google for more about this substance and it's long history of use in the orient.  I'm thankful that I stumbled on it.  The liquid Extract at Amazon is of particular importance to those who have cancer concerns- the Amazon Swanson reviews about this and it's qualities in this regard will further address this 'academically.' 
My next recommendations for you are these- Swanson's Albion Potassium in the capsule form.  I also use  Magnesium L-threonate, the most effective form of magnesium.  I  also take Magnesium Chloride with my regular supplements. As I wrote before I take the Lithium Orotate seperately from magnesium.  They absorb better that way.  You're much more likely to be Magnesium deficient than Calcium deficient-  What you want to do is improve the ratio between the two!  Taken as supplements they compete with each other in a detrimental way so I take my mag. sups AM and PM, and an albion Calcium at noon.  You probably get plenty of Calcium in your diet.  The L-threonate form crosses the blood-brain barrier which is super support for overall cognitive function!  The Chloride form is good for muscle/nerve/detox... 

 I highly recommend going to amazon and ordering the Now brand Methyl B-12 1,000 mcgs. sublingual product.  Particularly if you are older or vegetarian.  Read the reviews! 

I've recently discovered a supplement by Now called Thyroid Support at Amazon.  I recommend it!  Use as directed.  This formula provides vital amounts of zinc/copper that will greatly aid your immune and other bodily functions!

Along with the Now brand C-1,000 mgs, I suggest Ascorbyl Palmitate 500mgs. both, twice a day.  It is a fat soluable form of Ascorbic Acid and the body uses it to penetrate into your cells. Using the 2 together helps you take full advantage of Vitamin C more effectively.  If you are older and concerned about cognitive health  I recommend you consider Bacopa Monneiri,  Ginko Biloba, and Vinpocetine.  I use all and they keep me sharp.  I would be careful about these if you are on blood thinners as they thin your blood and may not be combined safely.

Note:  If you choose the Alta magnesium chloride ( a cheaper but 2nd best bio-available) DO NOT store with other supplements- it will break down into a goo that is a mess!  Store in it's container with plastic stuff as it is reactive to oxygen and moisture.  Inconvenient but worth the extra hassle... 
 I'm also take Nature's Life Malic acid (Amazon) AM/PM daily.  Read up to see if this could address some of your health concerns.  

Remember the diet is crucial so... Stay tuned!
  At lunch and dinnertime,  I drink a glass of clean water with  a heaping teaspoon of Starwest Botonicals Beet powder from Amazon.  This is a very beneficial substance.  I also add 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of L-citrulline or L-citrulline DL Malate from Bulksupplements.  I add less than 1/8 teaspoon of Pine bark extract and grape seed extract from  Drink slowly like a food, even swishing it to mix with digestive properties of the saliva in your mouth!  This swishing is very important as the beet root needs the digestive qualities of saliva it activate it in the body!  Beet root, besides benefiting the liver and gallbladder, reduces high blood pressure, so monitor this and make each teaspoon heaping or not if this becomes an issue.  You may be able to reduce or even eliminate your blood pressure meds over time.... 
 A cautionary note: this combination can significantly affect libido and enhance your sex drive, particularly if you are getting along in years, especially when l-citruline and pine bark extract are added.  If this is something you need then you might have the drink  mid- afternoon as well.  I'll be discussing those items shortly.  So don't be surprised if ED isn't a problem...
  So listen to yourself, stay balanced...
  I'd recommend a good B50-complex as well, like Swanson' high potency B complex...
    Maca root is a multi-purpose adaptogen that will strengthen and balance your endocrine hormonal system over time...  Amazon has a good product- 2 lbs from Divine Organics for about $23.  I personally use a rounded teaspoon, a level teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon, half and half cream in my morning coffee and it's just right for talking with AM supplements!
The L-citruline, pine bark and grape seed extracts, I order from They're quality products at excellent prices.  Just thought I'd make that recommendation here...  
Chanca Piedra supports your efforts by helping your liver/gall bladder.  The liver is an incredibly important organ that deserves all the support we can give it! 
We all should get regular sunshine to promote natural vitamin D3.  If you don't, then personally, I take 4-6000 mgs. daily to provide for many health requirements.  Make sure it's vitamin D3!  It's a good idea to supplement with MSM if you take D3 as it needs sulfur to function effectively...   It is also good to take 100 mcg of Vitamin K2 (MK-7) once or twice a day to enable the D3 to function and to effectively support calcium metabolism.  Vitacost is a great source...

 Selenium (Albion chelated at Swanson's or Vitacost) 200mgs. daily is another important suggestion.  This mineral is critical to having a strong immune system that will war against serious disease factors and is a good health resource.  

I recommend Buddha's Herbs extra strength Garlic Oil AM and PM from Amazon.  It's a very good resource for blood pressure and the cardiovascular system.  If you are one who experiences a problem with garlic taste or odor you might want to try another brand as this one is very potent.
I must reiterate use chlorine free water!  Chlorine is toxic, kills the live natural enzymes and can disturb the food's organic properties.  This may prove to be a challenge but, please find a way to access this kind of water for all the water you drink.  At least use the Aquaspace  carafe and filter I mention below...  I prefer this to reverse osmosis treatment. I Do Not recommend distilled water.  To me, it's "dead" and leaches valuable minerals out of your blood...  Susan Smith-Jones has an ionizing and alkalizing machine listed on her site that I'd recommend if you are interested and can afford it.  It may be your best alternative for making a very healthy change to ordinary tap water! If you can afford it and this is in your health plan you might choose to investigate the product.  There are other such types at that look good so you can compare.    
  I purchase Himalayan pink (sherpa) crystal sea salt, fine texture, economically in 10 lb. bulk from  This is the finest salt and best source that I've found.  Other high quality sea salts are available- the Celtic, for example, though if you research the sherpa sea salt you'll see why it's my choice...  I  always use this in place of regular salt! 

  Black seed oil (Amazon) is a great product.  Black seed oil has a bitter taste so I drink a little coffee to rinse the taste from my mouth.  1 tsp. once or twice a day.  Refrigerate.  Besides looking at google for the health benefits you might want to read all the glowing reviews for this product at

If you need support in curbing your appetite I've found Zenvita Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia from Amazon and Mulberry Leaf Extract from Swanson, one cap each 30 minutes before meals to be very effective!
Currently, I use the Aquaspace water carafe/filter.  I order mine from the  my resource.   I also use their Aquatomic Micro Water Clustering item.    Although this may seem absurd to some,  I wear and endorse the  Q-link pendant for emf protection and to improve my blood morphology.  Many people experience significant benefits from simply wearing this product.  Go to the site or read the reviews at Amazon.  As ever, the decision is yours to try it or not.  Frankly, in this world  filled with radio, microwave, and other electromagnetic chaos we need all the help we can get to enhance our personal bio-electrical space!  I, also, recommend Dr. Mercola's shower filter about $85- well worth it!

  Your thyroid gland requires iodine daily.  This will help you get this essential mineral and improve thyroid function.  Sub-optimal thyroid performance is a common unrecognized condition... Swanson's Bladderwrack is a great resource.  

 There is substantial evidence that taking larger doses of full spectrum Vitamin E is highly therapeutic to remedy compromised health conditions.  Most of the research was decades ago and it was so impressive that the medical establishment ridiculed and suppressed it rather than lose profits for patent meds.   I recommend Twinlabs Super E Complex  400 IU's  available at Vitacost or Swanson's in 250 softgel size.  These days I take 800 IU's at breakfast.  There are other Vitamin E products Like Carlson Elite E and A.C. Grace but they are a little price prohibitive...  A more absorbable and potent item is 100mgs. of vitamin E tocotrienols.  the two go well together...
A recent discovery for those with brain fog, memory problems, and cognitive loss due to aging and associated impairments such as alzheimer's.  Many report dramatic gains with a supplement called Prevagen,  Discounted cost $39 typically and $42-$59 for extra strength for one month supply (avail. at Vitacost and cheaper at Amazon).  I haven't checked it out personally but many of you may be looking for such an item for themselves, friends, or loved ones...
There are more supplements out there that I mention in the text that follows, but please note that the whole thing rests upon integrating them with the dietary suggestions.   It's important to eat well of quality sources otherwise you are not assisting the body's attempt to provide you an  excellent vehicle. So give it time and be patient and prepared to experience some rejuvenation over time.  The more you adhere to the suggestions the more likely you'll enjoy dramatic results.
My brother quite a while ago gave me a book to read called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John E. Sarno, M.D.  I bring this book to your attention because many of us suffer from back and other types of pain that prove to be psychosomatic or have repressed emotional causes, not addressed by dietary or other modes of treatment.  The author provides very useful instructional information that I personally have found to remedy problems that wouldn't have resolved via any other means.  If you suffer from pain this book may help you avoid surgery or medicines and return you to a happy active lifestyle.
Now if you begin to implement these ideas and suggestions, the more you include the more effective and the sooner you can experience the changes. Just remember noticeable changes can be rapid or take time to occur, so be patient and consistent... 
As we proceed onward I want you to consider the preceding information to be a concise formula all by itself that offers incredible benefits for anyone, even vegans or basic vegetarians.  I'm not a vegetarian but I accept that they're out there and to them I would suggest careful consideration of needs not supplied by their diet and that I wish them well.
This site is dedicated to Spirit and The Eternal One as well as the ancient Order of Spiritual Travelers that quietly guide us ever onward into deeper realizations and divine truth.  To them my deepest gratitude and affection as I fearlessly pursue all truths, here and into the heavens above.  Blessings BE!  For those seeking Self and God Realization beyond the constraints of orthodox religions may I refer you to the path  located at .  Other than that let's proceed onward...
It  is Fire.    Darker  than Night !
A   Flaming  Song...      Raging  Light !
--  Ron   Roads --
Aloha, or not, here it goes.. .
If you are NOT  prepared to dramatically improve  your health,  I advise  you to leave now, lest you get better.
   This site is for true seekers and/or the  enlightened few. It's not a sacred text necessarily, only  a humble voyage  into the e-Jungle.  
Before I continue this interaction with you, I wish you to know that my presentation is that of one who considers himself to be somewhat unconventional,  something of a throwback to simpler times.  At times, I do feel like a rustic piece of cosmic driftwood. I seem to have washed up on a planet out  on one of the arms  of an otherwise rather normal appearing spiral-type  interstellar phenomena.  The locals call it- The Milky Way Galaxy.   

 I am not saying  that I have all the answers you'll ever need...   So always follow your own awareness.   I never recommend hurting or defiling anybody period.  That's simply  the Wrong way.  Almost quasi-religious, but I felt it belonged here. I tend to be a little hypersensitive, the new normal. 
 I'm not all that impressed by the products, procedures,  and practices so highly touted  by the elitist of the scientific community or 'health' experts.  Many are fakers that find employability only via  hugely corrupt, it's  patently obvious, lords over commercial powers...  Thereby, your attempts to get a straight answer about health and natural wellness are typically doomed to failure. You become the dupes for the Big Red Barn/Store con game!   If you "like the orthodox  game" and orthodoxy is where you're  at, this site may not be for you.  Yet, I don't want to you leave or think I totally disapprove of modern  medical conventions, practices, and need to be there.  I like to maintain a realistic, practical  balance.
With that lead in, let's get into my presentation.  We may have grown up in a toxic environment and more than  absurd social order,  but there's a light at the end of the tunnel ! The foremost underlying principle to what I'm presenting here is that to survive and be healthy, among other things, certain nutritional imperatives MUST be met !  These are your genetic and metabolic  Facts of Life. 
 Your physiological A-B-C's ! 
Yet, nowadays we are confronted with these modern realities: our lifestyle choices have come to be channeled in ways unnatural to fundamental biological/nutritional evolutionary principles ! As a consequence, we, as individuals and societies, are now experiencing increasing manifestations of obesity and a multiplicity of  new  forms of degenerative illness and disease.  The results are everywhere.  No offense, but look at all the  weight-challenged  and  'sick' people  out there right now !
The relationship to what we're doing now compared to the past is obvious and a matter of historical record. Simply by  contrasting the two it  should be clear to us that -
 What we're putting in our minds and  bodies is   The Primary Problem !  
The answers and remedies, therefore, should be quite clear and straight forward... it would seem.  However, my observations and experiences, and those of many others,  have shown that this is not necessarily the case.  It's a little more complicated than that...  
Welcome to my site.  
This could be a profound resource and turning point in your life !  In only three somewhat  lengthy pages,  I'll introduce you to a point of view  that practically anyone can use to  DRAMATICALLY improve their health and well-being. For the most part, the basic principles  revolve simply around what you eat and how you prepare it.   And maybe how you look at life and  what you're doing with your personality engaged.  My hope is that good people can find something here to contemplate and incorporate into their life.  Little by little, or in bigger gulps, the more concepts and ideas you adopt, the more chance you may have to  begin to change and enjoy the revelations behind my exposition. 
The process begins with a basic diet that I describe below now integrated with James Ward's thoughts expressed in the "Cruise Control Diet."  It is very simple and practical.  The rest includes  actually thinking about these things and following along with my dialogue.  I bring these thoughts to your attention so that you have knowledge of them.  That's about all there is to it.     The logic and reasoning is clearly presented like a road map.  With that said, please allow me to flashback a bit... It all started way back when. 
I was working on my Master's Degree in Social Work at the University of Washington.   I began to realize a conflict existed between  what I was learning there, and what I felt and knew about natural health.   Like,  you know,  why 'Talk or Pill Therapy'  when  it looks like the person only needed some basic good sense and clear  nutritional explanations?    The reality was that my career choice appeared to be based upon a Grand Fiction - and a whole lot of malarkey created and  maintained by  powerful entities that liked the status quo! 
I began to reach out and research what was really going on  upfront-  
and 'behind the scenes.'   
Thus, it came to pass,  years later, in a galaxy far, far away.....
You  know like many,   I have discovered that the  loudly trumpeted wonders and much touted 'altruisitic' philosophy of our medical establishment  is only a front and clever lie!  It is only the glossy veneer of a sick, avaricious exploitation and  rip-off of your natural health birthright !  
A corrupt group of individuals,  corporate entities and  conglomerates via  an  amoral  system of political governance allows this  incredible chicanery to flourish. Fat Cats with their big money and "High" finance, in collusion with  Big Medicine,  Big Pharmacy,  Big Food,  their corporate lobbies, the hallowed FDA  and smiling politicians lookin' for notoriety and  PAC money  have sold you down the river, my friend! 
 Yes, they have...   !  
 Did you know that the 'Folks' in charge of good health practices at the FDA typically serve a few years then  move directly into associated corporate jobs ?  Jobs featuring annual salaries in the multi-millions ?  Did you ever wonder  why ?  How about making sure that it's illegal to say that  an orange or a lime is a natural cure for scurvy.  Something you read about in your history books about the old sailing days  is now a crime to publicly  advertise ! Well, it's the ungodly truth and a fact of life  because those in power and  the power of the almighty dollar have made it so.  Why?  Because they can't profit from natural solutions, only unnatural patented solutions.  Thus to "them" it is not profitable to allow people to make public any health claims via natural products.  In America now only Doctors and Drugs can cure or diagnose disease.  And now all ailments are legally called diseases.  They have a strangle hold on wellness.  But if you are diligent and see past the ploys, you can pursue natural remedies.  You'd think the medical establishment would welcome and feature this rather than obstruct it by every means they can.  Such is the power of money... 
 I've been into  holistic notions for decades now.  I've had  severe  challenges that have driven me to seek the solutions to my problems.  One thing I've found is that contemporary medical  (mal) practice almost completely ignores diet and nutritional deficiencies as the underlying basis for most of what ails us.  Instead, you are led off like sheep to slaughter into the clutches of our  modern system of health care. This system is set up in ways that ignore the basic underlying issues supporting your presenting  symptoms.  Almost invariably  you're provided  treatments that don't even  address true causes. You're provided medications  that only suppress the issue, not resolve it.  Then there's the infamous side effects from the medications that  further stress and wreak havoc on your body !
Using an antiquated  expression-  'That AIN'T Cool !   Not  Cool at All !'
Like many of you,  I have gone down many  promising  paths that sounded valid but didn't deliver. They ended up as being mostly hype or greedy exploitation.  The amount of information out there,  the possibilities  that may be fruitful  are nearly infinite... There are many charlatans with many plausible scams.  You can  struggle through years of  trial and error,  and still not find any relief, still  not find a meaningful solution or answer for your specific needs.  I know.  It's  happened  to me. 
It's for this reason that I've drawn from the wealth of my own experiences and explorations  to provide you, The Reader,  some clear answers and potential avenues to explore yourself. These may not  seem  to be your solutions,  yet consider for the moment that    these thoughts of mine may provide just the clue you need to resolve  your particular complaint. They may  facilitate changes  that enhance your health and ability to enjoy life .  
This site is not about me making money.   Maybe what I'm saying can truly  lift  someone to a place where they can resolve some  issues and move ahead with living life.  Instead of feeling frustrated or burned out all the time.
First, I wish that I could describe all there is to convey to you in  this humble website but,  I really can't. I'm a strong advocate for arming oneself to not only survive  modern health care tactics,  but how to overcome the negatives and realize   excellent health  in this world of  incorporated deception. 

 Second,  I don't spend much time exposing all the reasons or benefits of much that I  provide you here. If I did that,  this would rapidly become a  book length project.  Rather,  I invite you to research  items  to discover more about why  I include it.        
Know that this information is specially organized and targeted to provide a powerful,  concise,  'system.'  It will provide  you both  direction and knowledge.  By presenting  content in this way,  I've found that this can realistically  accelerate your ability  to get results!  You may also develop a better   understanding and awareness of both what  'Holistic Health' is  and  the traps and pitfalls  that are out there to mislead the unwary. 
Seriously, our commercial system is rampant  with  fraud,  deceit,  and   deception !   Even excellent, well-meaning   expert practitioners   out there will try to seduce you into buying ... The  Personal Product Line !  Many  of these products might be okay but are  typically  over-priced and complicated attempts to pray on your ignorance, anxieties, infirmities, and gullibilities.  Many are simply useless, or based on pseudo-science,  bogus studies & research, and essentially,  a  rip off !   Not so much different except, probably less toxic than the pharmaceutical ploys!   Plus, they impede the truth about natural remedies, and how  Great they really can be!
 Utilizing  my  model,  you can improve  your street smarts,  learn what  to look for,  look out for and, maybe,  BECOME your own 'Best'  health care  practitioner and wellness coach.  Thereby,  you  become more  intuitive,  aware,   confident  and  self  reliant !   You'll be armed with a new vantage point,  plus information,  wisdom,  and practical strategies to assist you in forging  ahead and enriching  YOUR  life in every way.  I really don't want you  to depend on me,  or  anybody else,  to define or construct your health and well-being for you. 
Look at this stuff, dig into it and consider modifying your current behavior  as you are able.    Feel free to test it !   Remember to  be kind to yourself! Change can be tough.  And, please remember and accept that not All your answers are to be found here... I'm not a professional psychic or  personal oracle,  for Christ's Sake!   I just want you to review this stuff, see how ya feel about it, and for all your changes to be good one's,  agreeable,  not disruptive.
As you can guess,  I'm NOT an  advocate for so-called modern medical practices.  Indeed,  I feel that  the current  over use and abuse  of prescription drugs  is  evidence of a social illness.  A profound one.   LISTEN  to the TV ads  as  'They'  blithely say  side-effects may include  a multiplicity of serious side-effects through use of-  even  
death !      It appears that they only want to make you dependent on pharmaceutical  drugs that may indeed even kill you.   Still,  I recognize that many who visit this site may be on or dependent upon medications.  You may  require emergency care, pills, or other treatments. You may be simply shopping around  looking  for alternative  natural answers and solutions  to health problems. I'm not here to irresponsibly stand between you and your doctor.  Ideally,  doctors  would welcome natural solutions and remedies though such a physician is very rare....  Wasn't it Hypocraties,  the Father of Modern Medicine,  the one in who's name  they swear the  oath, who wrote ... Let  your foods be your medicines and medicines be your foods?  Doctor's are told- "First, do no harm" yet many prescription medications do that very thing according to their own advertising. 
Still,  the world is not perfect or ideal,  as far as I'm concerned,  so one must be thoughtful,  practical and prudent.   Some situations  require  time,  and patient  incremental transitions toward  healthier,  happier solutions. Sometimes, sadly, it's just to late or there's no other recourse.  It's probably smart to consult with a naturopathic doctor if you are trying to move off meds and or have a serious health problem to deal with.  Feel free to use my information with them- though they too may have a mind set that will preclude the answers I give you.  This is a serious challenge that most typical doctors and even naturopathic care givers are unprepared for or actively resist.  I'm only trying to be upfront about this.  I hope you won't be steered in the wrong direction, O.K?
 This site may help you to navigate your  healing  journey,  from both  within and  without.  You can and should talk with  your doctor, or current health care provider !  Something  I  ALWAYS  advise even if they likely belittle and scoff your efforts.  But stay strong and don't give in to their self centered opinions and pressure to conform!
   There are lots of sites with information about any particular herb or drug available  via a specific 'google' search.  It's a smart idea to expand and extend your knowledge base about any  issue relevant to  your  optimum  safety and health.   While we're on the topic of drugs called  'medications,'  if you are in the unhappy place where this is your present  "Reality,"  then you   should have  and familiarize  yourself with the relevant aspects of a good lay person's  guide to drugs and side-effects ! These are readily available at  bookstores.  Typically  most doctors  do NOT, in my experience,  inform their clients about this subject  at  all !   So,   Take Heed !   It's   VITAL  that  you  be aware of the consequences  of taking pharmaceuticals and participating in the prescription medicine game!  
No matter what  'They' say,  these things can be or are inherently dangerous to your continued health and well-being ! There's no excuses  now...  You've been notified.  If you choose to follow that path knowingly  then be prepared for any expressed or hidden  consequences. 
 Much  possible advice  for you  is  in  the  Section:  Healthy Habits. 
 I   strongly want you to consider if  you're really   serious  about  your health  that you  avoid   all  PROCESSED and Man-Made Foods/ Additives!!!  
Many people live on this toxic  crap !   Really  study  the  contents labels!  The  oh-so-casually-called  list of ingredients !    READ  what  additives are in there!   Just what  ARE  all these  chemicals ???   Healthy nutrition?-  I don't think so...  To me, these things  are NOT substances fit  for human consumption yet,  are still  approved and certified safe by our respected and benevelant  FDA.  The so-called Good Guys!  Seems like something suspicious is going on here. 
Powerful commercial interests  employ  some very odious tactics  to lull  you into thinking that they  ARE   "Safe for Human Consumption !"  In my humble opinion, it's a Bald Faced LIE ! As far As I've been able to determine nothing is further from  the  truth! Since these chemicals will likely cause you problems so that you seek out a doctor, there doesn't seem to be any incentive for them to speak out against their vested interests in making more money above all, sad to say... 
Not to mention the fact  that pesticides, chemical fertilizers, commercial  processing and practices,  typically destroy much,  if not  all,  the nutritional value  that  was  present  and available in the original food item !
 Consider this,  just  why  DO you eat ?   Is it simply  for taste ?   Or is it to promote  health,  survival,  and  longevity ?'  If you live simply for taste,  you might  want  to  wonder  if  you've been  conditioned to eat  more as  a  social or addictive response  rather than for  legitimate  biological  reasons.  There  is a  reason  and  place  for taste and why, you know...   It's there ! 
Still...   I  would like for you to contemplate and  reflect  deeply about this! At least I've done my best to alert you to these hidden dangers to your wellness come what may.
Moving  along now and to make a point here-   I  do  NOT  recommend soy products such as  soy protein  and soy milk !  Probably,  you are  amazed  to read that  just now !  After all,   Soy  has a  "Rep"  for being a healthy  choice !    Yet  I'm  not  alone in this !  Your  basic,  run-of-the-mill  "consumer,"  as the corporate world describes us,  probably  does not feel or  think  this way  about  the subject at hand.  Even most   health nuts  and nutritionists  have fallen for....   'The Gambit !'  The truth is the Soy  Industry,  "Big   Soy,"  if you will,  has spent a boat load of cash-  millions of dollars  out  front and in subtle advertising simply   to convince you  that these soy products  are good for you !  Again, no such thing could be further from the truth ! Most soy out there nowadays is  not  fit  to eat in my  opinion.   It's become the product of genetic modification and seriously  caustic chemical extraction processes.  Not natural.  More of a toxin than a food.
Again, according to present research and in my humble opinion.
The more you discover about  Genetic  Modification (GMOs)  the scarier they become.  These are natural food species that have been  biologically  altered.   They  are   NOT  natural !  They are ARTIFICIAL  FrankenFoods (as in Frankenstein),  that   Do Not  belong in your body or diet !  I don't care what anyone tries  to do to cause you to doubt that !  Don't  let  yourself  be fooled and be sold a bill of goods!  don't want to EVER be convicted for being vague or nebulous on this stuff.  I  make exceptions for fermented (non GMO) products  like natto/miso,  Bragg's 'Liquid Aminos,'  low sodium soy sauce,  and organic soy lecithin granules. Things like that...     
Along this line, please consider choosing  Not  to eat  ANY processed  grains/flour, sugar,  or commercial table  salt !   Especially,  do  Not  consume any " High Fructose" corn syrup or artificial sweeteners !  Even most corn by now is,  contaminated GMO corn (especially USA grown corn and 'corn products').  
  Think about this.  Animals in nature don't  get sick !  Seriously.  The very reason you  'get sick'  is  that  you are likely    eating in  a way  that actually  attacks and  weakens  your body's immune response  systems. This hampers  it's  ability to  thrive and  to  combat  and resolve negative situations...
 Probably you should eat less.  Lots of credible research indicates that this is very provident if you wish to enhance longevity and optimum health characteristics.  So try to avoid the  habit  of  over-eating and of consuming  snack foods.  Most all your commercial snack items are serious examples for what NOT to eat ! If you're going to eat,  have something that's healthy, nutritious and good for you.  Many times, what ya  really  need  is a good ol'  glass of clean water.You've  learned to mistake the body's request. You reach for a sweet or salty 'junk' food, instead.
Don't  feel  guilty.   In  our time's   it's   a wonder that  you don't !
As far as  I'm  concerned, most of the food at  the  grocery stores  fall  into  the  junk  food category !  Food stores have  literally  become   bio-hazard  waste  zones! One has to be really alert and conscientious in order to locate things that I'd  consider   trully edible  at your local  grocery outlet.  Keep this in your awareness  as you contemplate your behavioral choices, patterns and routines. 
Please don't  let yourself  feel  overwhelmed or have a  panic   attack  as you follow along.  I am  exposing  you  to  a lot  of  information and  perspective !  I  want  you to know this... There  IS  hope and the  possibility  of reversing   past  mistakes,  however  they came  to  be. After all,  change is not necessarily automatic, even positive changes usually feel somewhat strange or weird in the begining.
I'm going to take a moment here to reveal two items in advance of the rest of my presentation that could be very powerful resources for you.  Particularly, if you are really suffering from debilitating disease or seeking to ensure against such, even cancer. 
I'm just going to expose you to them, Google the sites and the information there and make your own decision.  One is Graviola. The other is The Ultimate Zapper and website.  I recommend these specific items, not any of the competing products!  Integrate this with the thoughts in the beginning of my site,  the Vitamin E protocol,  and you may have what you need in a nutshell...
Water  quality  is  very  important.  Chlorine, fluorine, and other contaminants  are   not  something to ingest !   Buying  bottled water or  distilling,  to me,  are not  the  best of choices.   Yet  not  all water filtration systems  are  created  equal.   I  use  and/or  recommend  the   Aquaspace Carafe,  shower  filter,  and  Aquatomic  Magnetic Micro-Clustering product.   Aquaspace technology  was  developed to meet  NASA criteria.  Although the site  is  rather  behind-the-times, I  suggest  you  visit  ''  to  get  the research.     Aquaspace quality  is what  I expect for myself...
My   most  valuable  basic  dietary  tip for you  is to consume organic protein and avoid negative fats and fried foods,  probably eat less generally and utilize the principals of a  mucous-lean dietary health enhancement system.  Avoid processed foods, grains, sugars, salt, and starches.  I agree with James Ward's thought that saturated fats such as in meat and nuts are good for you in the scope of the right eating plan.
     For  the most  part   this  is what   you do:    
Simply  consume  ONLY    fresh  un~cooked  and   gently  cooked/steamed,   baked,  clean and  wholesome  ORGANIC   FOOD !!  Large  fresh  organic   mixed   garden salads  daily and regularly, broccoli and cabbage ! Use dressings sparingly...    
Integrate  this  with  All  ORGANIC !!!  Sprouts...   Nuts...   Seeds...  Free Range Eggs...   
Wild Seafood and other high  quality  ORGANIC  protein  sources ! There's a real difference between organic grass fed beef and grain/hormone fed animal protein! 
Avoid fried foods,   save  in "flash" cooking  such as in   stir-fried  styles.    
I recognize that this is not easy to accomplish.  Consider it as your goal and make the best choices you can... As  always  "Relax."   Strive  to   make it  simple & basic- remember moderation.  Remember, also,  that after a couple of weeks to reset your insulin resistance factor, occasionally (once a week) you can indulge your old cravings guilt free- just let it go and return to the program again.     
Strangely, I don't recommend fruits and fruit juices-  except in certain specific circumstances. A ' juice fast,' for instance, may be a 'good thing,' or not,  according to certain other factors and considerations.  I'll get 'into' fasting elsewhere... The fact is, there's typically not much actual nutrition in fruits, mainly beta carotenes, fluid and simple fruit sugars.   These sugars can spike your insulin and turn off the body's ability to utilize fats metabolically.  We are built to operate on proteins and complex carbs. We don't want to disable the mechanism designed to burn fats and utilize amino acids. Some fruits are better than others and even desirable on occasion. An organic apple a day, for example.  The vitamin C's  great  but  fruit  juices are mostly only organic sugar drinks, mainly unneeded calories. Just  take  care because it is fruit sugar and will spike your insulin.  If you stick with the other foods you'll more rapidly burn fats with the presence of Hormone Sensitive Lipase not being shut down by the insulin response. Otherwise, occasional organic fruits are allright. 
 Drink  plenty of good filtered  water.   Try  to drink the bulk of your water 2 hours before  or after your main meals.  Don't drink or eat much close tbedtime.  Yams,  sweet potatoes,  baked,  or 'chunked'  and steamed, with a little extra virgin olive or raw coconut  oil and cinnamon are fun now and then.  Baked or steamed squashes, lightly seasoned. Most all that  I am trying to impart to you is based on this kind of thinking...
An odd feature about metabolism is that once or twice a week it's smart to cheat and enjoy your indulgences in food.  This actually stimulates the body into revving up the production of leptin.  Otherwise the production of this necessary substance slows way down.  So by indulging you ramp up your metabolism  and thereby accelerate fat loss.  A little known fact- just like the importance of having Hormone Sensitive Lipase freely available by avoiding insulin/sugar reactions.  However, remember to not indulge for two weeks when beginning this way of eating so as to reset your insulin response mechanism.
Well, the million dollar question of course is what else? I've got a great one for you.  It's a combination of Yerba Mate & Pau D'Arco Tea.     Google search  Pau D'Arco Benefits.  Go to the article site  by Dr. Mowry that's referenced there and read it  all!  The mixture and why it's GREAT is all there.  The preparation & formula is:1 Tbs. Each Herb  to each  8oz. cup.  Add not quite boiling water. Steep 10-15 minutes, not in a metal pot.  Strain.  Drink 1-2 cups, three times per day. You need quality sources.  This is of particular value if you have internal parasites which is probably silently true... 
  Generally, I just drink water, myself.  There are lots of other teas and drinks- personally, I've got no problem with one cup of  java in the morning...   
That's it...  These  are the foundational concepts.  Now let me introduce  you to some things that I call enhancers.   Something to help as you transition to a clean diet and to balance metabolic states or improve nutritional  deficiencies.
 And, if you're trying to lose weight/ fat, then I recommend for sure to try to reduce or eliminate grains and suspend brown rice.  Cooked and processed grains lack nutrients can turn off the body's Hormone Resistant Lipase production and act, metabolically,    like simple sugars and are mucous-producers  that  impede what you're asking the body to accomplish.
About now it's probably starting to register, grains=bread=sandwiches, burgers, pasta, etc.  "Ron,  you can't possibly suggest I give up bread!  It's the Staff of Life!  Are you totally loco?"  No, I don't think I'm loco, well maybe sometimes.  Yes, I recognize most people will freak out, rebel and, possibly, reject my presentation A-Z over this single issue.  Well, I'm not going to pull any punches and, I'm not going to back down. The Truth's the Truth- even if it rocks your world and turns it upside down... Or causes you to rationalize or go into denial.   But, mellow out, like I say, you can test this.  And you can gradually modify  what you do.  At least, begin to compensate by being very moderate.  Only eat the most organic grain sources you can buy- or even bake the stuff yourself.  So, cool yer tubes.  If it's your birthday and someone bakes you a cake...  Eat da frickin' cake!  Enjoy it.  Tell 'em~ 'what a terrific cake!'  You'll probably survive the night... 
As a parting thought, it's 'Great to be Disciplined!' But, don't you lose the  zest for life.  If you're uptight,  rather than open, relaxed, and flexible, life's no fun!   So it's possible to be focused yet to feel light,  have fun, and not be 'too serious.'  Have a playful spirit, have a nice rhythm and flow going on, so you enjoy 'Beingness!' Life's a dance- keep yer  balance, stay mellow.  There's a  natural comfort zone complete with creative new experiences!  I don't want you to become a stiff, rigid Zombie or Plastic Person, totally out of touch and dogmatically following each and every rule like some God forsaken religious zealot!  
I know this seems complex and overly complicated right now, let it settle abit... It's simply information overload, you can always review this again and again. Don't feel like you have to have it all just right and memorized on first read.  
I never promised all  this would be effortless! For now, just consider this thought and, the  implications. Grains are probably the greatest reason so many suffer from allergies, asthma, and many  other pathological conditions.  Many leading holistic health experts, such as Dr. Mercola, Prof. Arnold Ehret, and others  agree with this thought. 
Also, I suggest avoiding commercial  dairy products.  There are a lot of reasons for this, including disruption of hormonal systems and the damage that  results from ingesting 'homogenized' milk fats.  And the lactic acid does evoke an insulin response and thus you impact your metabolism.  I find a little milk in my coffee in the morning is satisfying and doesn't effect this program. If you drink milk then organic unpasteurized is the way to go.
About now is a good time to discuss detoxification.  A nice feature about the "mucous-lean" diet plus drinking the green drinks, is that it is detoxifying.  With it, gradually over time, you  gently expel the toxins from your body. However, you should know that this is a serious subject that should be addressed and, I would be remiss if we didn't explore it here somewhat. 
Most of us suffer varying degrees of  toxicity.  It is possible to reverse this and assist the body in eliminating the  noxious substances that are stuck in your organs and tissues.  A great quantity of discussion, products and treatments exist  out there.  It's a good idea for you to explore  the subject.
As you evolve into a healthy diet/lifestyle,  toxic substances are pushed out of your cells and into the bloodstream and lymphatic system, in gaseous form as you exhale or, from the pores of the skin, for elimination through the channels your body provides for this process.  You can  greatly assist your body by following some  suggestions to enhance the process.  Side-effects of this process of detoxification can be uncomfortable and require actions on your part to avoid possible negative reactions to your healing.  These uncomfortable periods are known as "having a healing crisis."  The body may feel 'bad' and you might have strange sensations as the crud is pushed out.   That's why  it's important that  you NOT be too aggressive in your attempt to facilitate detoxing.
 I don't recommend lengthy fasts. Even shorter fasts can be problematic if you are a neophyte.  The  problems associated with heavy fasting are greatly reduced yet, the same goals are achieved, by consistently following the mucous-lean diet.  This is much healthier and safer, though many feel they need to hurry.  So I advise you to slow down, the body needs rich sources of nutrients and time to stay balanced and regenerate as it returns to health.  And consider this, if you don't eat until about 11AM you essentially are fasting since dinner and benefiting greatly.
Now, it's not a bad idea to contemplate a one day fast each week- when you don't have to be active.  But I'd think you'd want to do a  vegetable or grapefruit  fast, rather than water only at the  start.  Personally, I'm a fan of just eating several grapefruits during the day.  These provide plenty of excellent fibrous bulk for very satisfying bowel movements. You want to get your sea legs, find out what it feels like, and you don't want to stir up and release all those toxins rapidly in the beginning.  Some of those substances can stress you out, or even evidence psychotropic properties as substances you ingested in the past reemerge, enter the bloodstream,  and thereby,  impact your 'awareness.'  This can be scary, if unexpected and not planned for...
Later on  you might want to try 2-3 days, but I recommend having like steamed veggies, grapefruits, or organic apple types of fasts as these keep the bowels moving.  This provides  the body  some needed  bulk to move the waste out.  It is smart to consider an enema on the first and  last day, other wise, if the crap don't flow out, then your lower bowel will begin to reabsorb it.  And that's most definitely  'Not A Good Thing!'
Beyond this, there are things like just water, two week brown rice, extended 'special' fresh juice fasts, and such.  But many of these are for spiritual reasons or when you are cleaner and more expert and grounded in these things. I'll leave it at that...  
So to reiterate...  A good thing to do is to assist the body  in the process and make it more comfortable,  effective and productive.  As I say, please add this to your awareness or study this more as your journey evolves... 
I recommend these ideas.  As you begin your transition to this system, make sure that your diet has plenty of green leafy vegetables- raw and steamed, and drink plenty of water.  A large bowl of steamed/boiled organic spinach daily and/or grapefruits are particularly effective during the entire period of a colon cleanse!   This all  helps to  scrub the colon, provides a  'fiber broom' and  fluid to  help the bowels move and eliminate the accumulated wastes and debris more efficiently!  
It's also a smart idea when beginning this program to do an initial colon cleanse!  You've probably never done one and really could benefit thereby.  More than you know!  To do it right,  I'd use a colon cleanse product.  There are several products out there.  My choice is the Aerobic Life Mag O7 (OH not zero) protocol.   Do This!  Don't make the mistake of underestimating how important it is to the cleansing  process !          
I also recommend the "coffee enema" (see: 'Healthy Habits).  Actually, if possible,and not altogether inconvenient, this can be done daily, for an entire 10-14 day cleanse  period (at the beginning of each  day).  Otherwise, try to begin the cleanse on day #1 with an enema (coffee or warm filtered water) and end the cleanse on the last day with such, as well.  For sure, if you are not having good bowel movements. This will  make the entire process more worthwhile and productive...
Cleanse or not, to assist the liver,  every A.M., with other supplements,  consider 2- 3 milk thistle extract caps.  It's 'Not a Bad Idea'  to contemplate doing a thorough colon cleanse twice a year.  More, 3 or 4, if you're coming from a pretty grim place to start.   
I  recommend that, if you can, get access to a far-infrared sauna or work up a sweat regularly to flush toxins out via the breath and the pores of the skin... shower off afterward.
 There IS more to this,  but if you follow these guidelines, over time you should experience the special benefits of detoxification  as the program unfolds.    What I've presented is generally effective and sufficient. 
Excuse me for a moment while I pursue this as a 'teachable' opportunity. 
John Doe has a reputation as one of the foremost people in the supplement BIZ.  And deservedly so.  However, though his research and products are among the finest, most of his clients  are quite wealthy and can afford to adhere to his system and remedies.  They are all great, I'm sure.  But, don't get hypnotized by the glitz and start forking out your hard earned loot.  Pick up on what I'm saying about street smarts. 
Another thing to be serious about is exercise and  being active.  I have a strong and varied program that I am very faithful to.  What you do is subject to a number of possibilities and preferences.  There are some to be found in "Recommendations."   There are many others- yoga, t'ai chi, aerobic types,  gardening, the list goes on...    Walking should always be a great thing to do. 
It's very important to consider relaxation and meditation/contemplation as powerful tools to include in your quest for a 'complete' health program.  Getting a good night's sleep is also very important!  By now everyone is aware of just how significant a role they play in countering stress and optimizing overall wellness.  A truly complete picture, to me, also includes an integrated spiritual aspect in all this.   Personally, I'm not into 'organized religions.'  I prefer to make up my own mind about such...
So, at  the moment, you might be somewhat anxious, skeptical or whatever.  Let's try to take a deep breath, relax, release and let go of your stressors.  Imagine or visualize yourself as you want to be- radiant, flexible, youthfull and free!   You're going to 'get there.'   You have all the time to get it right.  You have a right to KNOW and to BE!     In the meantime keep it all in perspective.  Let things come together as they will, in harmony with everything else you have going on?  We ALL need to feel balanced and in control... O.K or Not O.K.
With all that said...  So you're currently 'Eating Good,' taking supplements and exercising but,  not really experiencing that much satisfaction?  Or, are you looking for information about what's out there that really works?   You've come to the RIGHT place.  When these items are integrated into your life, you might expect noticeable, positive returns in health, vitality, esteem, and a sense of youthfull enthusiasm about your life... and how you're feeling about your Self!  That is, if your personal Karma permits.  But that's another story, a totally different website.  One I chose not to author... 
I  believe that  life is a miracle.  Within you flows a creative power, cosmic impulse,  divine energy.  Call it Chi, Prana,  or simply the Life force.  Whatever.   YOU  can draw upon it and connect to the same power that holds the stars in space and is behind every  beat of your heart,  if you're pure at heart. 
 I am very pragmatic and grounded in certain basic realities and principles.  I want and expect results- not hype.  My approach to optimum health is open to "whatever it takes."   I don't settle for anything less than the fact that I  feel better or it's not good enough. 
We ALL have a unique gestalt,  but let's face it,  life's becoming incredibly complicated.  We're constantly confronted with overwhelming stress, information, and problems.  We ALL reach out for effective answers, resources, and solutions.  Well, I hear you and I'd like for you to contemplate applying my recommendations.  Weigh the possibility that YOUR answers really are here!  Answers that might  greatly enhance the very way you feel as you travel on the  way through each and every moment! 
I believe that it is important to offer ideas and solutions that fit smoothly into the lifestyle and schedule.  I  expect results to happen quickly.  However, it's still up to me to do the work and to be consistent for success to happen.  I can't necessarily  promise myself levitation but, maybe, the next best thing...
.My  site is the result  of over 40 years of experience and research... East to West, North to South.  And in directions beyond that.  I am grateful for, and acknowledge, all those who have contributed to this evolutionary process!   Together, with myself, these suggestions, products and techniques could quite realistically save you years of frustrating personal research and wasted efforts!  The options could quite realistically contain,  hidden within them,  just the answers that you seek-  though they might not appear obvious or what you would expect to find.  Thanks for taking some of your time and checking it out.  At least this is not a library book that ya got to take back.   And please check back because I'm always studying and adding new resources when they pass my tests...
To locate some more resources,  click on "Recommendations."  "Healthy Habits" will give you more  specific ideas, resources, and suggestions that you might  follow to enhance your health and well-being.  Realizing your wellness  and life extension goals can start TODAY!  You just may discover a unique road map to wellness within these pages!
It is important to live enthusiastically and to be kind and considerate to yourself, as well as others!  So, with the support of your regular health care professional and a pure and willing heart,  I invite you to explore further...    Thanks for Stopping By!  
 Blessings Be! 
Ron  Roads
Choose to:  Be Proactive and To Live Rightly NOT Wrongly! Don't be mislead...   why not look to Nature for solutions! Spread the message!  I might not mind if you forward my site to worthy  friends and loved ones? You may be the 'channel'  they need to get this  information. When it's time and I'm 'into' it,  I  change,  fine-tune,  or otherwise, add 'new thoughts & stuff.' Sometimes, I  just  ventilate and  point  out 
un-Cosmic Krapola!
Dedicated to:  the GOOD Times. Having Something to Say & Do, 
The  Healthy Things  Being Happy! That and having a great laugh every now 'n then- 
 for sure, for sure.. .
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