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~~~  Celestial     Brook  ~~~
May your pathway ever be  staight ahead,   though  in   "Life,"   
 you bend.
May you ever find,  'beyond a doubt,'  in your heart, 
your  'Best'  friend.
May you always  know your  "Goodness,"   it simply  Abides  in you.
May you always find   Mystic Wonder,  in  each  &  everything  
that you do.
May your  goal ever be  "The Highest,"   to attain it, 
you have  the might.
May your spirit be  ever  Soaring,   like an  Eagle in its flight.
May your Wisdom be ever-knowing...  each moment  precious as a jewel.
May you  Respect the Rights' of others,  yet   keep to  
The  Golden  rule.
May you always be able to say  Yes or No, let that be  Just Right.
May you  Change your mind or Make a stand,   yet be  Kind & Polite.
May you always be  In the Right,   your Deepest  Dreams  come True.
May the  sound of still  water  be Peaceful as  Grace springing into view.
May   life's  light always be a gift so plain to see.
May you live your life sincerely, know that's the way to be.
Maybe  these  word's  of mine'll  refresh  you or  lighten up your Heavy load?
Maybe the Song of Life will  precede  you  as you  travel  on down the road.
Ron  Roads
 - - -  Bellingham,  Washington State     Dec. 1990 ®  - - -
--Feel free to copy the poem--
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