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First of all, try and eat local and organically!  Nutritional analysis of  modern  produce demonstrates that the available nutrients and minerals in most all commercial  fruits and vegetables can be 50-90% less than as little as 50 years ago.  Not to mention the presence of pesticides or genetic modifications (GMOs). Linus Pauling, the famous vitamin C advocate, is reported to have said that most all disease can trace its source to simple mineral deficiencies!  Add to that the toxic effects of ingesting destructive pesticides along with so-called benign food additives and foods so mass produced that they have little, if any, nutritional value. 
Think about that!  
    Eating plenty of 'superfoods' like those mentioned on my home page is  a great idea to help compensate for years of mineral poor, and contaminated, foods. 
I find that Vitacost- ' ' , is a favorite source for cost-availability-speed for several of  my supplement needs.  I receive no compensation from them- it's simply an observation.  Same goes for Swanson Vitamins.  Otherwise, I strive to include sites where specific products are sold.  For much of my products I shop in bulk- see my home page. Remember,  good foods and natural substances/powders/extracts are your basics or where you are heading.
Naturally, you want to eat in moderation and avoid negative food habits.  It's also very important to eat plenty of foods raw- fruits, vegetables,  sprouts, nuts and seeds... if possible your diet should be 60-75% composed of these items. 
Eat  moderate amounts of clean, organic protein.  Note: I DON'T consider grain fed meats to be healthy choices.   Organic grass fed, free range is always your best bet! 
If you're going to eat grains, which I advise to eliminate or to be very moderate about, then always choose 100% organic sources. 
 Drink plenty of fresh, clean, water daily-  but I disagree that we need 8 glasses a day...   
Now most of us will  benefit by sticking  to  wholesome nutritious eating habits.  So what follows are targeted suggestions, useful for you to consider for transitioning support or further assistance to resolve deeper issues.  I sometimes recommend them.
First, since most of the people I come into contact with are suffering from serious mineral depletion and imbalances, my best general product recommendation is albion chelated multi-minerals found at Vitacost or Swanson Vitamins, particularly calcium, magnesium, manganese,  zinc, selenium, and copper.  Take the copper at the other end of the day from zinc and for only 5 days per week.  Many could benefit from taking the albion form of potassium as well.  I, also, recommend Swanson's Triple Iodine Complex.  The combination of this iodine and the manganese will greatly help the thyroid as it manufactures necessary hormones.  This should help most to enrich the results of just good plain sensible eating.  
I don't recommend buying synthetic  or man-made  vitamin-mineral products, as they don't really work with the body except the Albion form.   Most issues  work out with the superior food  nutrient factors being delivered. Not all holistic health people share this view.  That's why you'll want to read information  to understand the metabolic principles behind this choice.   Other than this, as you read below consider if certain some "stand out" as a possible option to look into.  You'll see that most of these items are derived from nature- herbs, oils, plants, etc...  Oh,  I also suggest regular consumption of 3-4 Brazil nuts (whole) as they are a great way to get natural selenium, a very important mineral  to strengthen the immune system!
There are huge amounts of information, philosophies, controversies, foods/ herbs and specialty products out there that are worthy of merit and mention in this site.  If you have one's you use, like and trust, by all means, I'm not necessarily suggesting you leave them behind.   The items I suggest are here because I feel they are basics, and important to review and consider with you.  They fit into what I'm trying to expose you to as a system. 
You are, of course, welcome to challenge or integrate these thoughts and products into your own  perspective of what works in a holistic way for you, your needs, the surf conditions, and lifestyle... 
Be that as it may, remember these are expected to be wholesomely  integrated with the previously  mentioned diet, water, mindset, and superfood considerations already being in place and implemented.
Special personal circumstances  may also determine whether something is or is not, a good idea.  Please allow for this... I can't possibly be expected to anticipate each and every possible variable out there!  Ultimately, it  is your responsibility to determine what your behavioral determinants include.  So be smart, not stupid or suicidal!
 Kyolic Aged Garlic Cardio Reserve is also a good thing to consider- Vitacost has it at a discount.  
I highly recommend that you google  things and familiarize yourself with the benefits
and such of each of my thoughts and  suggestions before you consider adding them or not.    
A passing thought,  it's a good idea to take occasional mini-vacations from supplements.  Separately, or all together, as this refreshes the metabolism and promotes vitality and strong immune response flexibility!    
 If you are experiencing 'senior moments', you may want to consider these items.  First, I'd consider Vinpocetine, Bacopa Moneiri, and Prevagen.  Primaforce ' Piracetam'  (available at '' 500 grams. for about $20.00).    It's  smart to use organic Lecithin granules with this as it burns Choline.   1 Tbsn  3 times/day.  I'm on the fence about this one because it is a human modified form of the amino acid GABA.  I have used it and it seems okay, and studies say it is helpful in arresting symptoms of memory dysfunction (loss) in Altzimer's Disease.  (If the problem is full-blown then, I'd probably  give it a try-  like for older folk who may be getting to where- 'who they are' is problematical).   Plus the diet, the Pau D'Arco & Yerba Mate tea.  Phosphadytlserine- 100mg.    Vinpocetine is especially great for memory probs and to help compensate for stroke damage. 
Cautions apply if you are on medications or blood thinners- as these DO effect blood viscosity/biological processes.  Consult your doctor and pharmacist regarding this and all other supplements about specific interactions, impacts, considerations,  and necessary adjustments that might apply!  It's possible that slowly the natural supplements could replace the prescription altogether.
Another solid supplement is Y.S. Organic Farms  Bee pollen granules.  It costs around $7.00 a bottle and you'll  need about 2-3 bottles per month.  Take 1 Tablespoon 2 times a day- but first try a few grains to make sure that you aren't sensitive or reactive to it (a rare possibility).  This is a 'superfood' that has an abundance of high quality nutrients, so many that I simply suggest you google it and read up more about this and the many health benefits that it is reported to promote.   However, the brand and place to get it (Vitacost) are reliable resources that I wish for you to have in your arsenal.  To avoid an insulin spike and refresh your taste consume this after your AM-PM smoothie.
Please consider this!  Twinlab Super-E Complex 400 IUs. (250 softgel size). It's available at vitacost for half price.  Research suggests that taking   400 IU  per 30 pounds body weight in the AM before/with meal is extremely healthy and rejuvenating.  Currently,  I now take 2 with my lunch supplements.   It is probably one of the most important things you can do to powerfully enhance your overall health! 
 If you're eating some Quality Organic Grass Fed Beef,  then that's a perfect choice for  natural CoQ10.  Commercial/grain/hormone fed beef has very little. 
 In the past I've used a special seaweed extract called 'Modifilan.'  It has a strong following and recommendations are becoming more prevalent.  It may be one of the most effective detoxifiers on the market.  I suggest that it may be a valuable adjunct to your wellness strategies.   I'd buy mine at ' ' for a best price.  You might  do a little goggle research project and consider it's potential detoxification benefits...
There are many issues around using  salt.  But, that's commercial, 'man-made' sodium chloride, rather than sea salts, which are a variety of naturally occurring mineral salts all in correct biological proportion to your body's normal healthy saline pH factors. Personally, like I wrote on the home page I use Himalayan chrystal (sherpa) sea salt.  Like I explain, this is a controversial matter that modern medical resources probably will have a 'knee-jerk" reaction to.  It's your choice.   Discuss it with your personal health care person.    I'll put the promotion out there... 
 Once again,  I find that the best product is Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt.  It's expensive if purchased commercially.   My best referral is San Francisco  Bath Salt Company (  In bulk, you can get 10lbs. for about $35.00.
If you aren't avoiding ALL ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS by now, then you really must read all the warnings on GOOGLE until they register.  As far as I am concerned the stuff should NEVER have been permitted into the marketplace.  They are 'excito-toxins' and wreak havoc in your body, is my opinion.  Add that to carbonated beverages, and you have a great way to make your body acidic, which is when it becomes open for many degenerative conditions to manifest themselves.    
This is another reason why it's important to eat lots of raw veggies, to encourage the body to have an alkaline pH in the blood and lymphatic system.  Carbonation, also, robs the body of primary minerals which it has to sacrifice to neutralize the carbonic acid.  The best solution is to try and get off sweet stuff and carbonation period.  A good reference book about this pH stuff is authored by Robert and Shelley Young- 'THE pH MIRACLE. '  Again, the book not necessarily the products.
After withdrawing for a while, you'll find that other flavors and tastes improve and replace the addiction.  But, if you can't help yourself,  at least get into stevia, xylitol, unsulfured blackstrap molasses, or a tiny bit of raw honey.  Start to wean the body today.  It really is an addiction, a physical craving. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), see:  "Recommendations," is VERY effective in helping one cope with cravings/withdrawal of all sorts, even the  one's like tobacco and alcohol.
Here's a little story.  This is kind of a
Stock-In-Trade tip.  Everybody likes a good (insider)  Stock-In-Trade tip.  Right? 
As you've probably figured out by now, I have a tendency to be just a little bit 'unorthodox.'  After all, it does seem to help me stay out the doc's office,  if you catch my drift...
If you bothered to read 'Recommendations,' you'll recall I mention Olive Leaf Extract.  It seems, for some reason, this herb is some sort of State Secret, unfairly and inexplicably, I think, and known only to a few outlaw type 'Insider's' like you and me.  People who have a little habit for maybe, not  following directions.  Not that I'm always like this, of course...
Every now and then, I like to do a little cellular micro-cellular Spring Cleaning.  I'm not saying that you should, "Do This!"  So, for a real nifty immune system tonic I, (Audience Gasps), break off quietly from the pack, and take 3 caps of the NSI Olive Leaf Extract  with my pre-breakfast, pre-lunch,  and pre-dinner supplements,  just for the HHH- ECK of it!    
Just for say, 10-14 days or even longer... 
 Well, that's the Story, and I'm sticking with it.  Can't explain why completely.  Maybe it's because it just makes me 'Feel Good!'  And it really does, though for a little while, you might feel a little lousy as the viral/bacterial parasites 'die off,' and their little remains are flushed away...  And, ya know something else, if I'm feeling kind of generous, I'll keep taking 2 of those peculiar little gelatin caps three times a day... 
 Here's another public interest  message.  Apparently, there are citizen's having some kind of digestion disorder called 'HeartBurn.'  Could it be they're just plumb eating wrong?  I'd expect, if one engages my recommendations, that would resolve.  At least, before I resorted to Tums or some extreme and questionable prescription for relief, one might try a couple of caps of Ginger about 5-10 minutes  before dining, with a moderate amount of water.  Ginger's a great herb for a number of issues, even joint aches.  For the stomach rebellion, maybe right after eating, have a tablespoon  of Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  Some people swear these bring relief.  I wouldn't know, never had the problem.  The Vinegar is Excellent with Exra Virgin Olive Oil, some Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt, pepper/spices to taste, for salad dressings...
   I'll be adding more about anti-aging nutrition and supplements...
Some thoughts to consider.  Men, do you suffer from "jock itch?"  Just kidding...  But, what you use for grooming and such deserves some attention.  They can impact your overall health aims.  Hence, even here, have a care and strive to be organic.  Most commercial products have some pretty nasty substances in them.  You want to avoid them- they can migrate right through your skin and harm you.  So consider items like 7th Generation laundry soap.     
Before I go on to the next suggestion, I'd like to introduce you to a really great,  though somewhat unusual, health tip.  The' Neti Pot' saline (sea salt) nasal rinse.  You can use something like a large empty mustard squeeze bottle like I do.  Still, the effect is the same.  You will find that by rinsing your nasal cavities daily,  your sinuses open up and you breathe easier and freer.  There are, also, terrific health benefits.  Typical colds and flus seem to become things of the past, as these most often gestate in this area. 
By flushing the sinus cavities with sea salt you pretty much sterilize the 'field,' making it very hard for bacterial and viral infections to take hold and spread.  It may seem kind of crude,  but believe me, there are many benefits and you will notice the way it refreshes you! 
There are many 'NETI POT' products out there on the web, or at retail, with  instructions.  They all do about the same thing.  I add  approximately 1 tsp.  of Himalayan Crystal Salt to warm, filtered water and do it in the shower.  If you like and, are careful, you can perform the ritual over the sink.  Should do once or twice daily, depending on your present concerns and condition.  I'd recommend getting a product and following the instructions... 
It's a very good idea to use a high quality shower filter to remove chlorine and other contaminants.  You probably don't realize how much this product can benefit you. Breathing the chlorine gas vapors and exposing your skin to typical 'tap' water is not desirable. There are many competing  models out there.  I recommend the Aquaspace shower filter that I mention on my home page.   Otherwise,  just do your homework and check the quality stats.  I know that Dr. Mercola also has a good one at his site for about $95.00.
If you are able, enjoy the benefits of a good  walk in nature or a park.  Maybe all you can get to is a mini-break at work.  Simply, let go, breath slowly and deeply. Anchor your breathing  in your  lower belly. Allow the chest to fill and contract fully, naturally.  Hold your head up as though it was suspended by a thin silken thread that is gently pulling toward the sky.  Allow the weight to fall from your shoulders and upper back, the shoulders drop, the chest lifts.  If walking,  just let the arms swing loosely.  Your spine  is upheld nice and straight by the 'thread' that lifts your head. 
Just let all your bones and muscles drop and connect back into the earth so that  all your stress and tensions drain away, back into the universe to work out as  they will.  
Say to yourself,
 "I give myself permission to relax, to simply let go of all my problems and be here now without a  care in the world.  I deserve this!"  
 Relax your critical and judgmental processes and enjoy the feelings, sights and sounds with a youthfull  openness.  Know that everything is where it's supposed to be and delete 'worry' from your mind,  for goodness sake.  Learn to laugh, even to laugh at yourself...  Also, remember that each day is a great gift. 
Be grateful...   let life be a fun experience-  dance!   
If it's just a mini-break during other activities  try and give yourself a good nine or more deep breaths. Strive to let these moments refresh you and your body as you continue moving through your day. Notice the difference between being physically relaxed rather than uptight. 
The breath is very powerful- use it to center and balance your 'SELF'.
    I suggest that you simply flatten the tongue and let it remain gently against the roof of your mouth or better yet, curl it back and let it push gently against the upper-rear of your mouth,  to help you 'hold' your  center.  Keep it there, even as you do other things.  This  connects and maintains  the primary flow between the front and back  life-energy channels. It also encourages the body to breathe deeply from the breath center just below the belly button.  This  is a very healthy, balancing,  beneficial Thing To Do! 
 As you continue breathing in, imagine the energy flowing up from between your legs along the outside of the center back, think "Power," or "Life."   As you breathe out, imagine the energy flowing over the head and down the center of your chest/belly, looping under the groin, think "Repose," "Grace," or "Relax."  Repeat...  This is known as the Grand Cycle of Chi.  It is a very powerful meditation, whether you're walking or sitting.   Do for say 9-18 breaths or longer, and then simply return the awareness to the natural rise and fall of your chest. 
 Now a problem many of us have is that we tend to "live in our minds," most of our awareness stuck in the frontal lobes (forehead) where thinking and problem solving goes on.  By getting our awareness back to the center,  that constant mental chatter, thinking, thinking and more thinking, should surrender and give you some peace of mind and clarity. 
 We also tend to  keep too much energy in our brains, being 'cerebral' all the time.  This keeps the body from getting it's fair share.  A way to compensate is to imagine that you are breathing from the soles of your feet while you observe your chest  expand and contract.   Place your awareness there for a while, as you perform this sitting or walking meditation. This will help disperse the subtle energy more  evenly throughout  your entire body.
I recognize that's a lot to digest and,  may seem overly complicated,  so take it easy and work out the basics and then over time, I assure you, it will become pretty much second nature. 
And...  that is a VERY good thing. 
I get so "into it" here only because I feel that you have a right to know this,  it can truly, bring many positive changes  into your life! 

Try and get some sun exposure daily, at least 15-20 minutes.  It's super good for you and lets the body generate plenty of that very necessary vitamin D.  If you can't get some daily sun exposure,  I think you may want to consider a good vitamin D3  'THREE'   supplement. Here where I live  in the Nothwest, the winters can be pretty gray and inhospitable for weeks on end. So typically, I often  take 2000 IUs twice a day.  I'd consider 2,000 IUs a basic minimum starting point to discuss with your health care person.  Some recommend 5,000 IU's twice...
Naturally, I recommend against eating any 'processed' foods.  Look at the label- what are those chemicals?   Certainly, not a 'Food Group!'  Avoiding white flour, sugar, salt and any carbonated beverages is a good basic notion... 
(Note:  I, personally, always use Himalayan Crystal Salt in place of standard salt).
Not all of us are, or necessarily 'should be,'  vegetarians.  Myself,  I have no problem with organic Free Range poultry and eggs, organic Grass Fed  beef, Pacific Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon ( NEVER farm raised) and other sea food,  especially small sardines among some others....  Also, I am rather partial to organic Black beans and All Organic  Mexican Style cooking!  I'm partial to Wok style flash cooked, All Organic  Chinese.    An  Organic Mediterainian Style has many thoughtful applications with whole grain or vegetable pasta-

 Of course, having a large, fresh, organic garden salad daily is beneficial.  Don't be afraid to have plenty of raw and/or lightly steamed veggies. Yams, sweet potatoes, and squash are all excellent on occasion. I prepare these in 'chunks,' and steam for 18-20 minutes and slather with Nutiva organic coconut oil (@ vitacost) with cinnamon- very tasty!  I like to have a large bowl of homemade coleslaw often, too,  with fresh raw cabbage, tomato, carrot, walnuts, and raisins!  A super way to get fiber and fortify the body. And don't forget plenty of good clean water.  
It may seem kind of indelicate to some but, I'm a fan of a once-a-week coffee enema.  You may think this insane but,  I wouldn't mention it if it wasn't something to know about.  However, I don't want to spend a lot of time on the subject here so, google it.  There's plenty about it and why it's so beneficial to flush the liver-gallbladder...  I just use a 2qt. enema bag (hot water bottle type).  And then 8 Tbsp. ground organic coffee to the 2qts. filtered water.  Simmer for about 10 minutes then let cool for about an hour until 'tepid.' Strain the coffee through a stainless steel kitchen strainer to remove the grounds and fill the bag. You can find the instructions on the Internet.  It's all pretty straight forward. Try to hold it in for 12-15 minutes.  Lay on your right side on a pad with a large sheet of plastic and be close to the toilet! 
After about 10 minutes, try and switch to lying on your back for another 5 minutes or so, as this helps take the pressure off the chest, allowing  the gall bladder to empty. 
You'll hear/feel a 'gurgle' under your breast bone.  That's the gallbladder  "flush" part, and that IS a very  good thing. 
 If you're a beginner, I'd suggest 1qt. to 4 Tbsp. coffee  and see how it goes.  Do in the morning before eating, so don't be havin' to rush off to the job.   Afterwards, I bounce on my mini-trampoline to help facilitate a 'movement.'  Otherwise, be prepared for a leak or 'accident.'  
Also, it's a good idea, while waiting for the coffee to cool, to do  a clear warm water pre-enema first to  facilitate  an evacuation and remove the waste matter,  even if you've already had a regular morning movement.  This makes the entire process more efficient and effective. 
You will probably notice that afterward you feel really terrific...
  ~  I'll be adding to this page later...  ~
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