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Listed below are some sites and products that you may wish to examine.  I have selected these products for their ability to dramatically affect and enhance your  health !  My motivation is simply that, not how much profit  I can generate off of you.  
 Be sure to also click on 'Healthy Habits' for more important resources and information, all aimed at helping you to optimize your overall health and vitality ! 

Omega 8004 Juicer @ 

There are many reasons to add juicing to your health protocols.  Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, ' Freshly Juiced,'  have extraordinary virtues in assisting the body to eliminate negative situations, and to reach and maintain, optimum function.  There  are basically two different 'types' to chose from-  'masticating'  or  'centrifugal.'  Although the centrifugal is,  perhaps, more commercially popular and 'faster,' many  recognize the superior juice that a masticating unit provides.  And isn't that really what juicing's all about ? 
See, the main problem that isn't revealed to you by the one's on TV, such as Jack La Lane, Juiceman, and the like, is that those types are 'centrifugal' models.  The agressive mechanical action they employ does extract 'juice' but, the process is so destructive to the molecules that they actually 'fractionate,' get ripped apart and oxidized, making them biologically inactive and relatively useless.  Though the juice 'tastes  good' you're being fooled.  The juice is 'dead.' You're basically throwing away your money both on the machine and all those wonderful organic foods you thought were going to nourish you !  
NOTICE: purchase and use only with fully fresh organic products, otherwise yer wasting your time and money !
Susan's site  and (see below) have information on uses, food combinations, and stuff. 
 Plus, there are plenty of other recipe manuals/books out there. 
"Think Right Now Accelerated Success Programs."
The best of healthy intentions are typically sabotaged by an uncooperative mind.  This leaves you feeling guilty, frustrated, powerless, and depressed.  It's NOT your fault.  Until recently you didn't have access to this  dynamic change System !
If you could choose to erase conscious and subconscious thoughts and messages that program you to fail to reach your goals and desires, would you?    'Think Right Now'  programs help make positive thought and behavior modification virtually automatic ! You CAN blast through old blocks and psychological barriers simply by listening to these audio programs.   This is NOT subliminal programming.  You hear everything, in a clear forthright presentation. And it requires no special abilities on your part, just some time to listen regularly until the changes are established.     They have a new product that I enjoy called "Crystal Clear Visualization."     It's more than visualization- it, also has several inductions that harmonize perfectly with my best intentions for your success. 
"Mike Adams- The Health Ranger."
Mike and his website are  valuable  resources to have regarding most every concern that may pop up.  Got a question?  Mike will probably have something there to help provide useful guidance.  I suggest you sign up for his newsletter.
"Susan Smith-Jones, Ph. D."
Susan is a truly remarkable and powerful voice in the  holistic health and wellness community.  Her life, philosophy, books and resources are inspirational, thoughtful, and competently presented.  She has an abundance of information, and items that may be useful to someone looking for a trustworthy vegetarian  practitioner-  for direction and instructions. Maybe  you would like to integrate or mix your explorations and are open to options and different points of view.  Susan has authored several books available at her site and new/used at   They are packed with useful information. You are invited to investigate her presentations, as they certainly expand upon some aspects of dietary preparations that will  serve to compliment your repertoire.
Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is an incredibly effective tool for dealing with practically any emotional/psychological problem that you may have.  It can remove a lifelong phobia, or craving,  in minutes and bring release from issues that 'conventional' therapy struggles to resolve over years of talking.  It really is fantastic!  The technique and application are simple to perform  the procedure 
easy to pick up on.

  Removing so-called core issues or fundamental conditions is not that complicated.  This can really be a great help in living a successful and happy life.  There are practitioners and programs available online-  
will have you entering meditative states as deep as Tibetan monks from your first session!    Using powerful  binaural-beat brainwave technology hidden behind soothing rain or wave (I prefer rain) sounds you reduce stress, explore expanded states of awareness, improve feelings of well-being, focus, clarity and creativity. I use and recommend that you get both of these.   These are INCREDIBLY POWERFUL if used consistently and in combination with their designated purposes.  For instance, if you are doing activities related to the various tracks on Focus,  you can seriously enhance your thinking power!
Note:  stereo headphones are required that reproduce tones to 18-20HZ.   Readily available at Amazon (Koss or Sony Earclip models), Walmart ,Radio Shack or in the 'electronics section' for $15-20).
"Wonderlabs' EDTA Chelation  Olive Leaf Extract & Chia Seeds."
EDTA.  We all ought to be concerned about heart congestion, arterial plaque, and heavy metal detox. EDTA detoxification is definitely something to be considered.  Wonderlabs has the best product and pricing that I've found.  You can actually reverse and clean out arterial plaque that has accumulated over decades as well as remove toxic elements stored in your tissues without having to resort to a 'patent medicine.'    Should be accompanied by a good mineral supplement (i.e.,  Take  at least two hours before/after other supplements ( this rule applies no matter what 'time' you take EDTA ).  You can take as suggested on the bottle, or simply at bedtime, if this works better for your schedule.  While there,  you might want to look into:
 Olive Leaf Extract.  I find that it is one of the most beneficial and least considered herbs out there.  It is a powerful natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.  It also is useful in combating chronic fatigue.   Provides a real energy boost and promotes a noticeable feeling of overall  'well-being.'  I'd take 2 caps every A.M. and P.M. or sometimes, 3 in the morning.  It's an herb that is definitely in my 'system.'  I usually buy the NSI product at vitacost, but for some reason thought about it  and Chia Seeds here...  
Chia Seeds really are a super way to charge up your body and to begin to rebuild  your nutritional bank account.  They are packed full of minerals and nutrients.  Also,  a fantastic source of high quality omega-3s, a better source than flax seeds. You can spend up to $30/lb. for what is billed as special seeds from rare places, but it's all a bunch of marketing ploys at that point.  Chia seeds are chia seeds, and they ARE very good for you.  You can get them here for about $11/lb.  A cheaper source that I've found is at "" where it's about $7.00 lb.  and " " for about $4.00/lb. where I get mine.  
( They're a good general resource).
 Probably the best way to use them is to:
 Mix 1/3 cup seeds to 2 cups water. Whisk (or shake in a glass jar).  Wait 15 minutes and whisk/shake  again.  Store  in the fridge.  Take 3 tablespoons- 3 times a day (with meals/ with supplements). Makes a thick gel that has no noticeable taste. 
"ReboundAIR" Half-Fold Mini-Trampoline with Lifetime Warranty.
 This is a high quality company whose product I have, and have used, for several years now.  It is rugged and recognized as one of, if not the best mini-trampolines on the market.  Many fitness clubs use this very same product.  If you are not familiar with them, let me briefly mention the benefits of simply bouncing on one for 15 minutes a day.  Firstly, in only 10-15 minutes you completely flush the lymphatic system. This is really the sewer system for the body.  Almost everyone has  sluggish or blocked channels in this vital system.  It is  very necessary for optimum immune response to have a clear and effective lymphatic system at work.  This is the same 'lymph' that carries waste and debris out of the body for elimination.  You know how bad chronic constipation can become.  Well, the same thing applies here.  Stimulating and revitalizing your lymphatic system is a no-brainer if you seek to beat the ravages of modern life and return to true health and well-being.  The simple up and down bouncing is also said to stimulate EVERY CELL in the body!  Increased gravity is felt and experienced by all your cells each time you bounce up and down.  Even your brain and organ cells will realize this  revitalizing effect.  For those who desire, there are DVDs that teach various aerobic type exercises which can dramatically tone and strengthen your entire muscular system.  Highly recommended, fun, and a great company warranty!  Please feel free to go to their home site for info or purchase or follow this link to for a significant discount over the typical retail price.  Savings as much as $65  or more.  The folding feature is handy for storage or transporting.   Although the one I have is not a 'folding' model, this is a great feature because you soon may want to take it with you even when traveling. 
 NOTE: If you would describe yourself as in 'fragile' condition or lack basic balance or coordination, this product may not be for you.  In any event, if you're new to this, then start with the basic 'Health Bounce' softly and gently until you are comfortably familiar with the feel.   Only, when you consider yourself comfortable and familiar should you try any of the advanced movements on the DVDs.  Myself, I just prefer to Bounce and leave the other kinds of exercises to non-trampoline routines.  The 'Bounce" does trick of flushing the lymphatic system.   
 Some vitamins and herbs MAY  possibly affect or  interact with  the personal prescriptions or critical conditions you may have.  So, to avoid adverse consequences or doubts,  remember that I always recommend that you keep your health care professional/pharmacist in the loop!  ( Got to protect myself and you, too!).
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