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Welcome to the site.

Well, here you are, whatever, here you are. I mean One-Eyed Jade Bird, what the heck is this? If you are seeking insight into nutrition, anti-aging, detoxification, and holistic wellness, you are exactly in the right place! What I'm going to tell you about is both extraordinary and challenging.


Right this moment, whether you realize it or not, your body is saturated with unhealthy toxic substances.   Nutritional science provides overwhelming evidence that these toxins are causing the majority of   modern health and aging problems.  Like most of us, you have been eating these substances all your life. I want you to know that, though this is quite serious, there is a way to free your body of this contamination.  It's not easy but you can do it. 

Just so we start off with that very clear.

Little do you realize that for your entire lifetime you have been consuming foods laced with unnatural toxic chemicals.  Things like virulent pesticides, preservatives, man-made flavors, additives, hormones, antibiotics and things described as 'salts' and 'seasonings' among others.  These things are not discussed with you by your physician or in contemporary medical practices.  Yet they have been accumulating in your cells, tissues, fibers and blood.  They do not simply dissolve and go away. If your goal is reversing the symptoms of aging associated with this unrecognized issue, I wish you to view my information carefully...

This accumulating material impacts your body in seriously negative ways.  At the cellular level it interferes with basic metabolic health processes and this can manifest in numerous ways.  Pain, neurological disorder, blood and organ dysfunction, and eventually the appearance of a multiplicity of what are called 'modern' diseases.  Probably even things like cancer, arteriosclerosis, anxiety, heart disease, skin problems, are triggered hereby- the list goes on and on. 

This phenomena is generally called metabolic toxicity.  The remedy is to detoxify hence, the question is how does one effectively rid the body of these substances and safely recover from their effects?

There is a common commercial misconception that a complete body detoxification is as simple as a 2 week juice fast.  Let me say upfront- that is totally absurd!  Further along you will discover the story is far more complex than some quick-fix scheme Hollywood celebrities would try to sell you.  But we'll get to this a little later. 

Whatever your current diet or past habits, you will find my program profoundly healing, cleansing, and detoxifying. I am sharing this with you freely because I feel that you have a right to know about how this is accomplished.  My way of giving back- how you can resolve your condition naturally.  If that is something you wish to explore and experience, then I invite you to read on.  

 Beyond the words, the program- meals, tea, zeolite and supplements- are really quite easy to form into routines and become nearly effortless after a short time. 

 So let's get through the information, note the components, and not get intimidated. It's actually quite simple to follow after you get the basics. You make a big salad for lunch or dinner, eat your veggies, make/drink a lot of special tea, and drink filtered water with zeolite. Take your supplements...

I realize the main text  is somewhat lengthy  and repetitive about hidden toxins, but I simply feel it's very important that you fully grasp the fundamental principles and forces at play.

I am providing this information for educational purposes only- I am not trying to profit, diagnose, or cure- or ignoring legal prohibitions from doing so. 

 My advice is to research my suggestions, decide for yourself, and discuss with your health care professional any dietary or life changes to determine if they are compatible with any medications, or whatever is presenting in your life. I am advised to write this statement.

I'm making a primary assumption that you have been eating the Standard  American Diet ( The SAD Diet), and are probably 'unhealthy' as a result... Thus, much of what follows is to repair and remediate that very fact!

As I begin this presentation please let me caution you from trying to integrate my program with others. If you have particular supplements you are currently into, these may work with me but pay attention to my recommendations about those. There are some initial and ongoing costs that accrue about some of the products I recommend, either one time or repeated. Yet please note that these costs are significantly defrayed by the fact that the basic diet is not very expensive, probably  less than normal for you.

To get a head start on enhancing your present health status please consider jumping to the the Appendix or 'Healthy Habits' page and scroll down to the part about Pau D'arco and Yerba Mate. If you are able, please act on the advice there along with the information about Zeolite, PM Magnesium , and the Aquaspace devices discussed below! You may begin to use these right away as you work on the diet or not. This combination is a very powerful protocol all by itself! And please don't discount the Navage nasal device discussed in Healthy habits as well. It does much more than you'd think! If you can afford these items you will greatly assist the program's progress in a dramatic way.

Do not use the teas or engage in this program while pregnant.

If you are using anticoagulants such as Warfarin or more than a baby aspirin, Pau D'arco, a blood thinner, probably isn't for you. You might be able to handle it by simply diluting it in half with filtered water. Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist. . The same precaution could apply to the use of vinpocetine, ginkgo biloba, bacopa, and beet root powder mentioned later in the text.

Friends, you are being deceived and I hope you will read what follows with an open mind. Literally millions and millions of dollars are spent annually to maintain the current health and nutrition model, and the disinformation to maintain this fiction. All to support the multi billion even trillion dollar interests that like it that way. And to keep what I'm about to reveal to you suppressed and to doubt this information.

To fully grasp the essentials of this system, it is  necessary to understand the basic science.

Well the first thing I'd like to say is that probably most of what you know about food and nutrition is wrong or distorted. What you call 'hunger' is more likely related to withdrawal symptoms from sugar or food additives that commercial interests have concealed in what you eat. Did you know that sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine in studies. Likewise many substances legally described as 'salts,' 'spices,' or 'natural flavors' have been proven to affect certain areas of the brain- to have addictive properties as powerful or more so than heroin, tobacco, meth, and opiates. These chemicals stimulate the brain to produce endocrine and hormone responses mirroring actual feelings identical to the pleasure experience of extreme joy and orgasmic sex! These chemicals are covertly concealed in the foods you eat. And you've been eating this way since childhood but don't blame your parents. 

So were they and they didn't know either.

The government won't tell you that as they are in the pockets of the wealthy special interests that pay for their re-election costs (called 'lobbying') - The food producers won't tell you that, after all sales rules the game there, beat the competition!- the chemical additive companies won't tell you that, truth be known they'd be out of business and probably in prison- the pharmaceutical corporations won't tell you this because most all they sell is derived from this deception- your doctor won't tell you that because these chemicals are seriously detrimental to your health and that produces clients and makes them rich- the 'diet' industry won't tell you this for sales depends on you being a dupe- and the FDA won't because they get multi-million dollar jobs when they move on so- they hide this hugely profitable industry secret! So there you are an addict and you don't even know it! Well, I'll tell you about it and though it's suppressed and you have to dig- if you google the topic you can find actual scientific studies that do validate this.

So you don't have to take my word alone.

This one brief document paints a dire portrait of the hidden dangers of toxic substances on our health. 

There are many more such research findings available online.  I suggest that you google:

"Dangers of Pesticides;  of Food Additives;  of Preservatives."  

To further this I have to say that after you consume these additives and pesticides they don't just 'burn up' when you eat them. They are chemicals and don't get 'metabolized.' They circulate in your blood stream. Then what isn't peed out becomes embedded in your fat and tissues. To repeat. The body doesn't metabolize these because they are 'inorganic' like lead and mercury or even gravel. What it can't eliminate in the bathroom in your business there is toxic. Because the body can't remove all these chemicals as fast as you ingest them it seeks another option. The best your body can do is surround these unnatural chemicals in fatty proteins and store them in the body to protect your health. Just to insulate you from these highly toxic alien chemicals. If you are overweight or have a problem losing fat this is most likely the exact reason.

Hence as your body seriously begins to house clean while you are doing this program, the fats are dissolved and these noxious, toxic chemicals re-emerge into the blood. That's why it's important to drink plenty of water to wash it out and why I recommend the zeolite in a few paragraphs, the Pau D'arco/ Yerba Mate (PD/YM) tea, and the bowl of veggies for dinner. This also is the insidious reason why you fail in your 'diets.' You aren't failing to do so because you are suffering from 'calorie' deprivation.' You are being overwhelmed by the release of these chemicals back into circulation as a result of fats dissolving. This healthy action unfortunately and, unknown to you, releases these powerful hidden chemical trigger substances that re-stimulate those specific food cravings! This is the reason many people yo-yo. And you have to be aware that this will continue to be a problem until you clean these toxic substances out.

Another thing is that as you pursue my protocol, besides the strong cravings, you may experience uncomfortable feelings as well. This is from the substances returning into circulation. Nervousness, anxiety, low or high energy periods, headaches and such are possible, though they should pass quickly as the toxins leave. So don't freak out- this is normal for some and not evidence that you are doing the wrong thing. Rather it's evidence that the plan is working. Just keep going.

There is a reason why the basic program doesn't provide more calories and is composed the way it is. The reason is that it forces the body to metabolize stored fats and clean out cellular tissues. This pushes the toxins into the bloodstream where they can be moved out and eliminated. This is a necessary and essential action! If you eat more, then the body will live on the extra calories and stop the elimination process from activating. Hence the process is blocked and you will not succeed in detoxification and elimination.

Please resist having random 'snacks' between meals. So-called 'snack' foods are prime examples of items not to eat! They will sabotage your success with the program. Instead train yourself to drink the teas, zeolite or clean filtered water. These will help you in every way!

So how long does it take? Well, you always have to be on guard- let me be clear on that. To be up front it mostly depends on your dietary history, where you are now and your 'psychology.' Normally a leaner individual will progress more swiftly, less fat and gunk to remove. The heavier person will typically take longer and will probably have more crave driven chemicals to deal with. Yet there is this- how closely are you following the program without 'cheating?' And there is simply the fact that some people cope with cravings better or not or are more motivated to do this and that strengthens their resolve. For the overweight you should know that rapid fat loss is a feature of this system and that should be good news- though if you revert to old habits, back comes the fat.

Hence, how long is a unique individual equation. Therefore, all I can say is it takes time, at least a several weeks, a few months, perhaps longer. A good thing you'll find is that the cleaner you get, it becomes much easier as the addictive chemicals depart. And your 'hunger' shrinks to what is natural, you'll want to eat less- even your salad will seem too much and 1-2 poached eggs seems adequate. Really!

So when can you expand the menu? Do you still have excess fat and strong cravings? Then you are still eliminating a lot of toxins. If you do decide to add some other clean items you'll slow the process down.  I'm not going to be a drill sergeant here. Just make sure you do a thorough cleansing- don't rush past that! Then by eating thoughtfully you won't be poisoning yourself and life will be quite different, liberated, addiction free. It's truly amazing!

Back to where I was...

So is it a wonder that, like a clock, you 'have to eat?'  Is there a 'craving' you have to indulge in? The probability is it's because the producer of this item has hidden covert ingredients that literally make you a slave to that craving. The real bummer is the food and these chemicals are not healthy for you- yet you really have to eat it! Like is a Dorito a food or something else? Why do they do this? The answer is simple- profit. The more you buy this stuff the more money they make.

It's may be a sick joke like the bogus thing they call 'The Food Pyramid,' but is the next 'food group' going to be Doritos, Digiorno frozen pizza, Reser's peanut cups, and Little Debbie's? If the Big Money has it's way- it's only a matter of time...

The body is a wonderful and amazing thing! Just as it can be fooled and conditioned to eat wrong it can be trained to overcome this and achieve it's intended condition. Doing this, claiming health and wellness these days with the nature of foods and forces allied against you, is probably one of the most difficult goals you will ever attain! There is a way and getting there is what I wish to help you with and I won't charge you a penny for anything and only wish you success.

Now I don't want to lead you on and say it's easy or that you will not have to fight. It's not going to be comfortable for most and it's in many ways a one day at a time thing. If you ever quit smoking? It can be like that. If you need moral support about all I can offer is stay with the principals- The Meal Plan, Filtered Water/Tea , PM Magnesium, Veggies +, and Zeolite. These are your 5 pillars to success! The supplements, and other items are strong supporting actors in the story.

Stay strong and often some tea or a glass of good cold water may get you past a crisis moment. That and reread the first part of this presentation and know that if you fall one day, don't beat yourself up, just get up the next day and keep to the program or maybe strategize by doing the salad and a light meal of foods I suggest later. Whatever it takes- I'm not here to judge you, OK?

There is this truth I've found. Every time you break with the program and 'cheat' and indulge, your progress comes to a stop and it takes 2-3 days to get back to where you left off. So that's the up front cost. If you can't hold to the main program and you include a strict adherence to my other suggestions and don't fall into old habits you will make progress over time with less stress. But if you start this way you may find the will to tighten it up and see much more rapid results and positive health gains! Just saying... you won't get anywhere if you don't put in the effort and try! I've given you the road map and it's not that tough once you get into it. Large or small, new changes can feel a bit strange at first...

To begin with I want to give you the core healing, detox and weight loss program.

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 If you can manage it, and it's crucial to your success- this is the basic daily meal- A large salad (BIG bowl) of finely chopped organic lettuces- (I like 'Organics' Half and Half or SuperGreens) with broccoli/alfalfa sprouts, 2-3 tbsp raw organic 'unsalted' sunflower seeds, a moderate amount of organic croutons (optional), some Parmesan cheese (optional, no other cheese), chopped tomato/cucumber/1/2 an avocado (not regularly- if you do the avocado don't add the sunflower seeds) or such as you like, 2 tbsp extra virgin cold pressed olive oil with 2 tbsp organic raw apple cider vinegar for dressing. Maybe a little nonfat organic yogurt for dessert. This is the basic meal. Don't let it's apparent simplicity fool you.

I digress for a moment. Notice that I insist on oil and vinegar for your dressing! That's because it's healthy and works with what we are doing. Commercial and other dressings are problematic. They, too, use powerful artificial flavor enhancers to hook you to the taste and the masked hidden ingredients to addict you, just like in the other foods. Hence you'll end up defeating the program by slathering all that good salad with this high calorie toxic crap that has no nutritional value! So stay away from these even though you have some strong preferences. Got it?

Also, use Extra virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil that comes in a colored glass bottle. Napolean makes a good one, though you have to look on the back label to read 'cold pressed.' A plastic bottle leeches BHA/BPA back into the oil- yuk!

If you still need 'breakfast,' perhaps an organic poached egg with recommended supplements. You could vary that, for instance, by choosing a small handful of nuts, or 2-3 tbsp sunflower seeds with a few raisins. You will be more successful by waiting until lunch to 'eat' something if you can. One or two meals a day is more effective.

For dinner I have and Strongly recommend daily a large bowl of raw, lightly boiled or steamed organic veggies (spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, broccoli, kale, or collard greens) with some raw Apple cider vinegar. This is not just a suggestion but a vital part of the system... To that you can add 1 tin King Oscar's Wild Caught Sardines in olive oil (drain/rinse the extra oil), or maybe 4-5 oz. of baked, skinned organic chicken, 4-5 oz. baked Wild Alaskan Salmon, an organic poached egg, or maybe occasionally, organic Re-fried Black Beans and organic salsa. Maybe a little organic applesauce for dessert.

Do not over eat. You won't succeed if you are not dissolving fats and flushing the toxins from the body. Please try to add this dinner protein only 3 times a week to hasten the detoxification process along. If you are not losing some weight consistently you simply must cut back on the the protein! There's a fine line about this or you don't dissolve fat and clear your cells of toxins... I find a tin of King Oscar's every other day works very well and doesn't seem to slow the detox process. When you've completed the detox successfully, then of course, this restriction does not matter so much...

The veggie is essential! It fills out the meal and much more. It scrubs your intestinal walls, gathers and removes toxic wastes, and provides a rich source of nutritious fiber to produce necessary bowl movements! And you must keep these movements going- the gunk in there must exit! Just like clean water/tea, and zeolite becomes pee to flush the bloodstream of these chemicals, your poop is full of them too. Got to have good movements daily.

If you can't afford or find good organic/local produce I understand. The salad should be organic if at all possible and is often found in mixed variety 16 oz containers in the produce section. I typically find 'Organics' quite enjoyable and convenient. The other veggies should be organic as well- after all you are trying to eliminate pesticides- so, at least, thoroughly wash them before preparation. And for this one can use frozen as well, but I do not suggest canned.

Oddly, I find that frozen spinach/broccoli is as effective as fresh for this- don't know why. But since we want the best bulk, easy movements, and intestinal scrubbing action effectiveness here, you can go this way! And it's convenient. Anyway, please don't neglect this or downplay how important it is to do!

Another suggestion that helps, especially the day after 'cheating,' is to eat several grapefruits during the day only with supplements, teas, and zeolite. This gets the sludge moving out rapidly and cleans the intestines.

I know that this is somewhat embarrassing but it is a fundamental part of this system. Actually to me what you are accomplishing here without surgery is simply profound. You have to get these substances out of you and pee, poop, and sweat is the way out. If you don't help this process they will not leave, they will accumulate in your blood, not depart efficiently, or be stored again, and cause you unnecessary distress and discomfort. Maybe cause you to crash and eat something you 'crave.' The water, zeolite, tea, and veggies give you muscles where you need it! Also, have a good shower daily late in the day to wash what the body is eliminating through the pores in your skin. Seriously, there is a an amazing amount of these very toxic 'salts,' additives, toxic gases, and micro crud being pushed out this way. If you don't wash it off it'll be reabsorbed back into circulation so pay close attention to this! See 'skin products' in the Appendix.

Just know that the suggestions for plenty of clean water, zeolite, tea, PM Magnesium , and large daily salad and bowl of veggies are very special allies- like Super Friends! They will help in many ways to give you the very best support to accomplish your healing goal! And make it a much more efficient, effective, and tolerable experience.

To expand about water, of course you are using the Aquaspace carafe/filter and micro clustering device I recommend and you refrigerate that. And you are drinking several glasses as water, tea and zeolite made with the filtered water daily to flush the toxins out with your pee. I purchase my Aquaspace Carafe/filter and micro clustering device at - they have a filter that also cleans fluorine, if your tap water is fluoridated. It's good to remove it. Call your Water Department if unsure.


On the subject of water or tea, transport and storage is important to examine here. Your commercial 'bottled' water uses a bad plastic. You want plastic containers that are BHA/BPA certified not to contaminate your freshly filtered and micro-clustered water/teas. A stainless steel travel mug or thermos works well for the teas or water. Other choices that work well, especially for travelling or road trips, are available at Amazon. The Nalgene Tritan 12 and 32 oz. wide mouth bottles are excellent for this (avail. at Amazon). The 32 oz. is very handy for a day's worth of Pau D'arco/Yerba Mate (PD/TM) tea.

So while about town have the tea in your travel mug or Nalgene as a 'sport' container. On a road trip why not take 32 oz. of the PD/YM tea, a bottle with zeolite and some walnuts, sunflower seeds and organic apples to snack on. Maybe stop at a place that has a good salad bar for lunch or a healthy burrito(a compromise- avoid the dressings and such). Thus, you make the best of it and actually are doing some good things on the way. A practical solution and better than your your typical fast and junk food for sure!

A note. Please keep your containers clean with thin long handled scrub brush and soapy water to keep them nicely sterile. (Available at Amazon- 17" long bottle cleaning brush). Rinse these out with clear tap water. It's only smart...

I like a piece of citrus fruit, bing cherries in season, or some melon slices in the AM and/or the afternoon. Avoid bananas and dried fruits. Please resist eating more fruit or fruit juices. The fruit will make your program too aggressive and thereby unpleasant. The fruit juices have too much fruit sugars and will upset your insulin factors. I know this is counter-intuitive but trust me on this.

A little more on this. I like to have a grapefruit daily. But rather than slice it in half and scooping it out I do it this way. I peel the yellow skin, saving as much of the white stuff as I can. Then I cut it in half and cut the halves into 3 segments. This way you don't throw away the white stuff, a rich source of bioflavonoids, or the fiber membrane which is excellent intestinal bulk.

I wish to ask you to never use a microwave to heat or reheat water/tea or foods. The microwaves alter and disrupt the nature of fluids and organic material, virtually rendering the product unworthy of consumption. This is not a healthy way to treat these items.

Please do not do this!

You can switch the meals- whatever works for you. You could take the salad in a tightly sealed container or large zip-lock bag, squeeze out extra air, place in cooler with ice, should keep it reasonably fresh then refrigerate at work? Most jobs give you access to a hot plate, not microwave please, so you can heat up the veggie- a little bottle of 'oil and vinegar dressing,' the protein, and there you are. Add your combo-herbal tea, or your clean filtered water.

It's best if you keep to this faithfully as the body adopts a specific metabolic 'mode,' and if you depart even for a meal, well the body has to reboot. It'll take 2-3 days to get back where you were. But if you crash and indulge try not to often- not more than once every 7-10 days, though the longer you don't the better the results. You don't have to- you may enjoy the tastes but you may notice that you feel kind of crummy, too. Over time you should be able to continue without falling. And you may struggle to get back to the program as the siren call of past addictive cravings are insidious and work to sabotage your decision to heal- so be prepared.

Now this 'formula' is the best I've come up with to reach your goal safely and effectively. It's been carefully designed over years of development. You should realize that these things you are removing are seriously negative substances and you have to work carefully with your body's natural healing systems. Actually this system is gentle compared to some approaches. And you do get very tasty, nutritious, and healthy meals that powerfully sustain as well as facilitate what you are asking from your metabolism.

Remember that you are engaged in cellular micro-surgery at the molecular level to remove these toxic elements. There isn't a pill that'll save you. I don't want you to fail. I'm fully aware of just how very challenging this will be for you.I emphasize and I know what it's like to do this. So it may be slower but if you need, take smaller steps- yet keep moving forward. It becomes something wonderful when you comprehend what a gift you are giving yourself...

It's important to drink plenty of clean, filtered water/tea, and eat the veggies to have regular bowl movements. (I don't recommend Pur, Brita and such commercial water filtration products. They don't do the job well.)

You will experience strong cravings and desires for particular foods (particularly processed ones- probably your favorites). That's because as you extract them from your tissues, your body is flushing these back into your bloodstream for elimination. While back in circulation they will reactivate your 'cravings,'- your addiction withdrawal response. The tea, water, and zeolite (below) can help you here! Likewise, the veggies will keep the bowels moving the gunk out as you poop. The fluids will move the gunk out as you pee. Know this and try to resist the cravings- it can be very rough at first but hopefully this knowledge will help empower you. Know that these cravings get less after a while and aren't so overwhelming.

As a last point to reiterate, the food industry has been working in secret labs to develop highly addictive chemical 'additives' that they and allied interests have successfully lobbied (bribed?) the FDA to certify safe for consumption (they are not!). Without your knowledge or permission they conceal these in most of the foods you eat, particularly as in 'spicy, salty, and sweet' processed foods. The strong enticing flavors are the mask they fool you with. So you unknowingly become dependent on the sneaky combination of tastes and hidden additives. Got to have Doritos, cookies, frozen pizza, sugary cereals? Even meats are loaded with hormones and antibiotics. So let's move on with that reality in mind and get well!

I highly recommend NOW sublingual B-12 1000 mcg once daily It is readily and reasonably priced at Amazon. This is good advice for vegetarians. Actually, this is an excellent product for whatever you are currently doing!

Friends, doctor's, others will possibly think you are nuts or even try to intervene. To help here, for instance, when you are having a meal out with friends, have a Chef's salad or some such. Stick with the oil and vinegar dressing! It won't freak them out and it's not to far from the program. If you are at another restaurant seek out the best option and enjoy. You would be wise basically to keep this to yourself and even accept that your physician will get on your case because he's not going to like it. Tell him you are basically going vegetarian- that'll puzzle him and since he's mostly ignorant of nutrition anyway he will be less likely to attack and ridicule you. Be brave my warrior friend!

Still though they may scoff your attempts to heal naturally there are real possibilities that some of these suggestions may impact any prescriptions or conditions that you have and thus, monitoring/modifying doses could be a consideration. This is particularly true if you are on blood thinners, have kidney or liver disease, are diabetic, or are taking medications for high blood pressure. Use your common sense. My hope is that, over time your symptoms improve, and you may be able to reduce or move off pharmaceuticals altogether, resolve these issues, and eventually be naturally strong and healthy.

Please let me admit that some 40 odd years ago when I began to explore my my health and the problems I was encountering in life, I was quite naive about nutrition and metabolic science. Fortunately I had an excellent university education and keen mind. I've learned much about myself and solutions painstakingly discovered along the way. So bear that in mind- these are not obvious answers and your condition is probably the results of big business practices and deceptions abetted by the FDA and the AMA!

As you progress and the body is cleared of the toxins you will return to a normal appetite and hunger level, and, after the cleanse, may wish to cook and eat more variety. Remember to apply the principles I've taught you here. If it's a 'processed' food- it's probably full of these chemicals. Anything from soda pop, Snicker's, bread, to Mac and Cheese. If it's in a box, wrapper, jar, or can, it's probably processed and these chemicals added. Read the labels. The list of 'ingredients' are intentionally deceptive about these items and simply call them 'preservatives,' 'salts,' 'natural flavors' or the like. And, yes, they can now call artificial ingredients 'natural'- they "lobbied" congress! These companies have the power of Big Pharmacy to 'influence' legislation... So always think about that and avoid such products.

As an aside, some of you might find satisfaction with the Paleo Diet. What you learn here will translate to that system though the rapid deep health benefits are not the same. Still learn from my site and explore the other if you are seeking a healthier diet then you are currently employing. Eventually after you have detoxed on my system for several weeks or months or longer as the case may require, you can adapt to Paleo for variety- especially if you enjoy fancier cooking. It's not for me but it seems many people do well with it. You won't be accomplishing the same deep detox on Paleo- maybe over time?

I'm kind of basic myself and prefer to keep it simple and closer to nature... Still keep my thoughts foremost and for sure only use the clean food sources I recommend in this site. Information about this choice is available and elsewhere, online... Just don't get hypnotized and split. You are in the right place.

Please remember that this strategy is up to date and if you find the information has changed or is slightly different, don't panic! If some past suggestion is working well for you, don't freak out... I'm just keeping everything up to the moment at this end.

If you are in the unfortunate place where you take statins I recommend a daily minimum 100 mg of ubiquinol such as Qunol at Amazon. Also 2 Nature's Branch Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil caps (place in freezer to preserve freshness) at Amazon.

I really recommend that focusing on the digestion system will be of great benefit to probably the majority of my readers. You should have 1-3 good movements a day. This is very important. Try one hour before bedtime adding 1-2, 3 NOW Magnesium caps 400 mg 180 Veg capsules from Amazon. Start with one. Make sure you get that exact item- there are other similar items. Just be aware that you may have to poop unexpectedly. If that is the case back up the dosage from 2 to 1 to have satisfactory controlled visits to the bathroom.

To facilitate this process you should include prebiotic foods in your diet. These are foods that form a healthy intestinal environment for beneficial bacteria to flourish. Simply google 'prebiotic foods' and you'll find a complete list of these- I have a dill pickle spear with lunch typically.

I recommend you consider taking Douglas Labs Magnesium Aspartate 240 capsules- 2 AM and 2 PM. To balance this, take 1 Swanson Calcium Aspartate (200 mg elemental) 1,000 mg with lunch- 60 caps 3 pack. Both available at Amazon. Go to: on search 'calcium to magnesium ratio' to understand why this is the correct amount of these two minerals- most people are taking the wrong dosage!

To make this metabolically effective it's necessary to get Vitamin K2 MK7 and vitamin D3. Take 2-300 mcg vitamin K2 MK7 together in the AM and 2-4,000 IUs D3 together in the AM as well. is an excellent choice for 'Vitacost' brand vitamin K2 MK7 200 soft gels- often on BOGO. Carlson's 2,000 IUs 360 soft gels at Amazon is a good choice.

Likewise, I'd advise you to use Bulk Supplements Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 grams  1/2 tsp three times per day!!! and bulk supplements MSM 500 grams light 1/2 tsp three times per day with these supplements (Amazon), as it assists the combination to function optimally. Also, I would buy NOW's N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 600 mg 250 caps (3 per day, also at Amazon), to go with this, as these two are excellent support for your detoxification efforts!

(All the above are listed in The Appendix)

I take 'Purely Beneficial' Resveratrol 1450 with my AM and PM supplements as this supercharges the benefits of the beet root/citrulline (later on) health factors. Its available at amazon. You should notice positive changes in blood pressure and liver function!

This next 4 paragraphs are very important to know and can be of considerable help to you!

You must become serious and knowledgeable about the problem of toxicity, including heavy metal, and pesticide detox. I strongly recommend liquid Zeolite available at (1-732-860-4260). Only this brand! Read the site for details. I really recommend that you do so with my program to powerfully assist your body remove the toxic substances from the blood stream as the fat releases them back into circulation. The zeolite will help trap and eliminate these substances and moderate somewhat the cravings due to the addiction response being reactivated! Always allow at least 2 hours after a meal and 45 minutes before or after other fluids when consuming zeolite to increase it's effectiveness.

Though the site is focused on heavy metal detox, the chemicals in pesticides and 'additives' are also neutralized so they can exit the body. Thus it is very important that you get all the benefits from incorporating zeolite into this plan! This is an incredibly powerful and helpful product. I can't say enough about it!

If you call, you can get it at discount- 6 bottles for $66, 12/$100. This is very cost effective and reflects their sincere motivation over profit. I know it's difficult what with the tea and supplements but try to drink 1-2 large glasses with up to 20 drops daily.The stuff is very safe to consume and you might experience some really positive effects right away. Anyway, I think you'll be better for it!

No matter what else you take from my site, I seriously recommend that you incorporate Zeolite into you daily routine!

Just in passing, the PD/YM tea is also very detoxifying, too!

If you are older and concerned about cognitive health, I recommend you consider Bacopa Monniera ( 'Nootropics Depot', 1 AM, Bacognize Bacopa Monniera 240 caps.), Ginkgo Biloba ('Life Extension' 120 mgs, 1 AM-1 PM), Huperzine A ('Nusapure' 300 mcg 180 cps, 1 daily with meal), and Vinpocetine ('Source Naturals' 10 mg, 1-3 daily). I use all and they keep me sharp. I would be careful about these if you are on blood thinners as they thin your blood and may not be combined safely without consulting you physician. All are available at Amazon.

You might have noticed I often feature certain products. I don't get any kick backs- they simply are reputable and represent good products and value.

I also take 'Nature's Life' Malic acid (Amazon) AM/PM daily. Read up to see if this could address some of your health concerns.

Remember the clean water, diet, tea, PM magnesium, veggies, and zeolite is the first priority. The supplements all work to support you... Stay tuned!

Before breakfast and dinnertime, with my other supplements, I drink a glass of clean water with a scoop of 'Viva Deo' Beet root powder. This is a very beneficial substance. I also add 1 level teaspoon of L-citrulline from Bulk Supplements. I add less than 1/8 teaspoon of Pine bark extract with breakfast.. Drink slowly like a food, even swishing it to mix with digestive properties of the saliva in your mouth! This swishing is very important as the beet root needs the digestive qualities of saliva it activate it in the body! All are at Amazon.

Beet root, besides benefiting the liver and gallbladder, reduces high blood pressure. You may be able to reduce or even eliminate your blood pressure medications over time?

A cautionary note: this combination can significantly affect libido and enhance your sex drive, particularly if you are getting along in years, especially when l-citrulline and pine bark extract are added. So don't be surprised if ED soon isn't a problem... So listen to yourself, stay balanced!

I'd recommend a good B complex as well. I suggest the 'Life Extension' bio-active complete B Complex formula at Amazon...

We all should get regular sunshine to promote natural vitamin D3. You are much more likely to get skin cancer from the chemicals in suntan products then sunlight. Just start slow and work up to longer exposure- like 10-15 minutes and add increments. Health professionals are all saying nowadays "Avoid the Sun!" I think the special interests want to deceive you because they realize how important to a healthy immune system vitamin D is. If you are lacking vitamin D well, you become a profitable patient they can 'diagnose' and prescribe 'medications.' I don't think God would put the Sun up there if it was a bad thing. But greedy people will try to convince you to slather noxious proven carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals on your skin. Pretty sick, right?

Anyway, if you can't get a healthy daily dose of sunshine, then personally, I take 2-4,000 mg of D3 in the AM daily to provide the many health benefits. Maybe google Vitamin D3 benefits for more. Make sure it's vitamin D3! I like the Carlson brand in the 360 soft gel size. It's a good idea to also supplement with Now MSM 1000 mg if you take D3 as it needs sulfur to function effectively... Available at Amazon.

I recommend Buddha's Herbs extra strength Garlic Oil in the AM from Amazon. It's a very good resource for blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. If you are one who experiences a problem with garlic taste or odor you might want to try another brand as this one is very potent. I don't notice it myself.

I do not recommend bottled water- the inferior plastic in the container moves into the water and it's likely to be 'acidic' as well as not so clean as you would think. Distilled water is "dead" water- might be pure but my sources say it actually lacks valuable minerals and even will leech these valuable minerals out of your blood...

Despite what they say, your tap water has been shown to have serious contaminants including drugs and other toxic substances that enter the water supply. I mean does your tap water taste great or like chlorine, metallic and funky? No wonder you avoid it. I don't know if you ever drank out a fresh mountain stream or not. It's wonderfully refreshing. Tap water, no offense, typically tastes disgusting if you don't filter it correctly. You'll be amazed how refreshing your water will taste with the Aquaspace filter and Aquatomic micro-clustering device! And very much healthier!

To repeat. You will be amazed, if you use these filters how great and how healthy the difference is- you'll enjoy it. As close to an artesian stream and no carcinogenic plastic contamination from 'bottled water! Plus if you've been buying 'bottled' water the filter is actually more cost effective and better quality! So why not try the Aquaspace products- then compare to untreated tap water. Then just transfer to the Nalgene bottles I recommend for-on-the-go flexibility. (Note I derive no income from these referrals.)

There are 'safe' containers you can reuse to transport water or tea. Two examples are the Nalgene Tritan 12 oz. and 32 oz wide mouth bottles at Amazon. (BPA/BHA free) Stainless coffee mugs for the car or stainless steel thermos jugs are OK.

I purchase Himalayan pink (sherpa) crystal sea salt, the "Sherpa Pink" brand, extra fine texture, economically in 5 pound bulk at Amazon. This is the finest salt and best source that I've found. I always use this in place of regular salt and with my Navage nasal cleaning system (see the latter part of Healthy Habits)!

Again, I use the Aquaspace water carafe/filter and Aquatomic Micro Clustering device.

I order mine from the my resource- good price/shipping.

Although this may seem absurd to some, I wear and endorse the Q-link pendant for electromagnetic frequency (emf) protection and to improve my blood morphology ( the brushed silver pendant). Many people experience significant benefits from simply wearing this product. Google or check out and read the reviews at Amazon. As ever, the decision is yours to try it or not. Frankly, in this world filled with radio, microwave, and other electromagnetic chaos we need all the help we can get to enhance our personal bio-electrical space!

There is an unhealthy amount of chlorine gas released during your shower. You inhale this and it's not good for you. To deal with this problem I recommend Dr. Mercola's shower filter about $85- well worth it! Replacement filters about $55.00. ( )

Your thyroid gland requires iodine daily. Supplementing this essential mineral will support strong thyroid function. Removing chlorine and fluorine is essential to optimize iodine as they compete for iodine receptors. Aquaspace filters accomplish this. Sub-optimal thyroid performance is a common unrecognized condition... Detoxadine for iodine from Amazon is an excellent product! Bladderwrack is a great resource as well.

I recommend NOW natural E-400 Complex 400 IU's available at Amazon in 250 soft gel size. These days, I take 3 400 IU's at breakfast.

Prevagen is a recent discovery for those with brain fog, memory problems, and cognitive loss due to aging and associated impairments such as Alzheimer's. The reports suggest dramatic gains with Prevagen, Discounted cost $39 typically and $42-$59 for extra strength for one month supply (avail. at Vitacost and cheaper at Amazon). I haven't checked it out personally but many of you may be looking for such an item for yourself, friends, or loved ones...

There are more supplements out there that I mention in the text that follows, but please note that the whole thing rests upon integrating them with the dietary suggestions- the Five Pillars. It's important to eat well of quality sources otherwise you are not assisting the body's attempt to provide you an excellent vehicle. So give it time and be patient and prepared to experience rejuvenation over time. The more you adhere to the suggestions the more likely you'll enjoy dramatic results.

Just to be upfront, I'm not your typical 'saint'- so every once in a while I 'cheat.' But that's not bad after you've done the basic course or you "just have to or you'll go nuts." But later on I explain how this works out according to metabolic science. Not to give you an excuse, do the program first, but there is room for revisiting old favorites after that without feeling any kind of guilt. The reasoning is explained further along but don't jump the gun now!

As we proceed onward I want you to consider the preceding information to be a concise formula all by itself that offers incredible benefits for most anyone.

For those seeking to expand soul awareness I refer you to the path located at . Other than that let's proceed onward...


It is Fire. Darker than Night !

A Flaming Song... Raging Light !


Ron Roads 

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Know that this information is specially organized and targeted to provide a powerful, concise system. It will provide you both direction and knowledge. By presenting content in this way, I've found that this can realistically accelerate your ability to get results! You may also develop a better understanding and awareness of both what holistic health is and the traps and pitfalls that are out there to mislead the unwary.

Look at this stuff, dig into it and consider modifying your current behavior as you are able. Feel free to test it. Remember to be kind to yourself. Change can be tough. And, please remember and accept that not all your answers are to be found here... I'm not a professional psychic or personal oracle, for goodness sake! I just want you to review this stuff, see how ya feel about it, and for all your changes to be good one's, agreeable and effective, not disruptive.

There are lots of sites with information about any particular herb or drug available via a specific google search. It's a smart idea to expand and extend your knowledge base about any issue relevant to your optimum safety and health. While we're on the topic of drugs called 'medications,' if you are in the unhappy place where this is your present reality, then you should have and consult a good 'Lay Person's' guide to drugs and side-effects. These are readily available online and at bookstores. Typically most doctors do not, in my experience, inform their clients about this subject at all. So, take heed. It's vital that you be aware of the consequences of taking pharmaceuticals and participating in the prescription medicine show!

These prescriptions can be or are inherently dangerous to your continued health and well-being. So please inform yourself about them.

Much information and advice for you is in the Section: Healthy Habits.

Moving along now and to make a point here- I do not recommend soy products such as soy protein and soy milk! Probably, you are amazed to read that just now. After all, Soy has a "Rep" for being a healthy choice. Yet I'm not alone in this. Your basic, run-of-the-mill "consumer," as the corporate world describes us, probably does not feel or think this way about the subject at hand. Even most health nuts and nutritionists have fallen for the propaganda.  The truth is the Soy Industry, "Big Soy," if you will, has spent a boatload of cash- millions of dollars out front and in subtle advertising simply to convince you that these soy products are good for you. Again, no such thing could be further from the truth. Most soy out there nowadays is not fit to eat in my opinion. It's become the product of genetic modification and seriously caustic hexane chemical extraction processes. Not natural. More of a toxin than a food. Again, according to present research and in my humble opinion.

I make exception for fermented (non GMO) products such as natto/misso, low sodium soy sauce, Bragg's 'Liquid Amino's. I don't recommend soy lecithin. It's typically GMO and compromised by toxic hexane extraction. However, NOW sunflower lecithin is a great product.

The more you discover about genetically modified organisms, (GMOs),  the scarier they become. These are natural food species that have been biologically altered. They are not natural. They are artificial FrankenFoods (as in Frankenstein), that do not belong in your body or diet. I don't care what anyone tries to do to cause you to doubt that. Don't let yourself be fooled and be sold a bill of goods!

I don't want to ever be convicted for being vague or nebulous on this stuff.

Along this line, please consider choosing not to eat processed grains/flour, sugar, or commercial table salt. Especially, do not consume any " High Fructose" corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Even most corn by now is contaminated GMO corn (especially USA grown corn and 'corn products').

Think about this. Animals in nature very rarely get sick. Seriously. The very reason you 'get sick' is that you are eating in a way that actually attacks and weakens your body's immune response systems and lacks health promoting nutritional elements. This hampers it's ability to thrive and to combat and resolve negative situations...

 Try to avoid the habit of over-eating and of consuming snack foods. Most all your commercial snack items are serious examples for what not to eat! I think I've clearly explained what is going on about that in my introduction.

If you're going to eat, have something that's healthy, nutritious and good for you. Many times, what ya really could use is a good ol' glass of clean water or the PB/YM tea. You've learned to mistake the body's request. You've been conditioned to reach for "sweet, spicy, or salty" toxic 'junk' food instead.

Don't feel guilty. In our time, it's a wonder that you don't!

Water quality is very important. Chlorine, fluorine, and other contaminants are not something to ingest. Buying bottled water or distilling, to me, are not acceptable choices. Yet not all water filtration systems are created equal. Like I say, I use and recommend, above all others, the Aquaspace Carafe/filter, and Aquatomic Magnetic Micro-Clustering product. Aquaspace technology was developed to meet NASA criteria. Although the site is rather behind-the-times, I suggest you visit '' to get the research. I purchase mine at . Aquaspace quality is what I expect for myself... That probably gets you as close as possible to natural mountain spring water.

A valuable basic dietary tip for you is to consume only organic foods and avoid negative fats and fried foods, probably eat less generally and utilize the principles of this dietary health enhancement system. Avoid processed foods, grains, sugars, commercial salt, and starches.

Note: I don't consider grain fed beef organic. Grass fed only!

After completing the protocol or if you pass on that (sadness), this is what you do:

Simply consume only fresh raw or gently cooked/steamed, baked, clean and wholesome organic food! Large fresh organic mixed garden salads daily and regularly, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc.  Oil and vinegar dressing.

Integrate this with all organic Sprouts... Nuts... Seeds... Free Range Eggs...

Wild Seafood and other high quality ORGANIC protein sources. There's a real difference between organic grass fed beef and grain/hormone fed animal protein!

Avoid all fried foods. I don't recommend peanuts or peanut butter.

Strangely, I don't recommend much fruit or fruit juices. The fact is, despite common opinion, there's really not much actual nutrition in fruits, mainly beta carotenes, fluid and simple fruit sugars. These sugars can spike your insulin and turn off the body's ability to utilize fats metabolically. We are built to operate on proteins and complex carbs. We don't want to disable the mechanism designed to burn fats and utilize amino acids. Some fruits are better than others and even desirable on occasion. A grapefruit, orange, or organic apple a day, for example. Fruit juices are mostly only organic sugar drinks, lack fiber and are mainly unneeded calories. This excess fruit sugar will spike your insulin response. If you stick with the other foods you'll more rapidly eliminate toxins, burn fats with the presence of hormone sensitive lipase not being shut down by the insulin response. Otherwise, occasional organic fruits are alright.

Drink plenty of good filtered water, alone and with the PB/YM tea and zeolite. I find I'm mainly drinking the PB/YM tea in the AM instead of coffee. Try to drink the bulk of your water/tea 45 minutes before or 2 1/2 hours after your meals. Drink fluids at least 45 minutes apart from more fluid. Don't drink or eat close to bedtime.

Yams, sweet potatoes, sliced or 'chunked' and steamed for about 20 minutes, with a little extra virgin olive or raw coconut oil and cinnamon are fun now and then. Baked or steamed squashes, lightly seasoned with a little olive oil. Most all that I am trying to impart to you is based on this kind of thinking...

An odd feature about metabolism is that occasionally it's smart to cheat and enjoy your indulgences in food. This actually stimulates the body into revving up the production of leptin. Though no more than once every 10-14 days. So by indulging you ramp up your metabolism and thereby accelerate fat loss. A little known fact- just like the importance of having hormone sensitive lipase freely available by avoiding insulin/sugar reactions. For those just starting my program hold off on this and stay focused on flushing gunk out.

That's it... These are the foundational concepts. Yet please read the material in 'Healthy Habits,' there is much there I'd like to share.

You'll notice I don't recommend grains. Cooked and processed grains lack nutrients can turn off the body's production of hormone resistant lipase production and act metabolically like simple sugars. They are mucus-producers that clog and impede what you're asking the body to accomplish. Not what standard folks would tell you and a challenge for you to accept, I'm sure.

 Indeed much of my thought appears heretical. But follow the irrefutable logic and the promise. For now, just consider this thought and the implications. Grains are probably the greatest reason so many suffer from allergies, asthma, and many other pathological conditions. Many leading holistic health experts, such as Dr. Mercola, Prof. Arnold Ehret, and others agree with this thought.

Also, I suggest avoiding commercial dairy products. There are a lot of reasons for this, including disruption of hormonal systems and the damage that results from ingesting 'homogenized' milk fats. These micronized fats actually scar your blood vessels! And the lactic acid evokes an insulin spike response thus impacting your metabolism. I find a little milk in my coffee in the morning is OK and doesn't effect this program. If you have to drink milk then organic unpasteurized is a better source. I'd go with some of the tea.

Most of us suffer varying degrees of toxicity. It is possible to reverse this and assist the body in eliminating the

noxious substances that are stuck in your organs and tissues.

As you evolve into a healthy diet and lifestyle, toxic substances are pushed out of your cells and into the bloodstream and lymphatic system, in gaseous form as you exhale, from the pores of the skin, and via urine and bowels for elimination. You can greatly assist your body by following the suggestions to enhance the process. Side-effects of this process of detoxification can be uncomfortable and require actions on your part to avoid possible negative reactions to your healing. These uncomfortable periods are known as "having a healing crisis." The body may feel 'bad' and you might have strange sensations as the crud is pushed out. That's why it's important that you stay on course and not be too aggressive in your attempt to facilitate detoxing. My program accounts for this.

So to reiterate... A good thing to do is to assist the body in the process and make it more comfortable, effective and productive. As I say, please add this to your awareness as your journey evolves...

I recommend these ideas. As you begin progress and begin to transition from the basic protocol, make sure that your diet has plenty of green leafy vegetables- raw and steamed, continue the PM magnesium, and always continue to drink plenty of the filtered water/tea/zeolite.

Also as you advance, you might consider the "coffee enema" (see: 'Healthy Habits). I know sounds gross but it's a really excellent protocol.

Another thing to be serious about is exercise and being active. I have a strong and varied program that I am very faithful to. What you do is subject to a number of possibilities and preferences. There is one to be found in the Appendix. There are many others- body weight ones I like are Hindu Squats and Hindu push-ups, instructive videos are on YouTube. Many choices are available depending on your goals, condition, and preferences. Walking daily should always be a great thing to do.

It's important to consider relaxation and meditation/contemplation as powerful tools to include in your quest for a 'complete' health program. The 'Insight' program listed in the Appendix can help you there. Getting a good night's sleep is also very important! By now everyone is aware of just how significant a role they play in countering stress and optimizing overall wellness.

So at the moment you might be somewhat anxious, skeptical or whatever. Try to take a deep breath, relax, release and let go of your stress. 

I believe that life is a miracle. Within you flows a creative power, cosmic impulse, divine energy. Call it Chi, Prana, or simply the life force. Whatever. You can draw upon it and connect to the same power that holds the stars in space and is behind every beat of your heart.

We all have a unique gestalt, but let's face it, life's becoming incredibly complicated.  Well, I hear you and I'd like for you to contemplate applying my recommendations. Weigh the possibility that your answers really are here. Answers that might greatly enhance the very way you feel as you travel on the way through each and every moment.

My site is the result of over 40 years of experience and research... East to West, North to South.  I am grateful for, and acknowledge, all those who have contributed to this evolutionary process. I didn't do it by myself. These suggestions, products and techniques could quite realistically save you years of frustrating personal research and wasted efforts. 

To locate some more resources, click on Appendix.  Healthy Habits  will give you more specific ideas, resources, and suggestions to enhance your health and well-being. Realizing your wellness and life extension goals can start today. You just may discover a unique road map to wellness within these pages!

It is important to live enthusiastically and to be kind and considerate to yourself, as well as others! So sincere best wishes- Thanks for Stopping By!

Ron Roads

Choose to: Be Proactive and To Live Rightly NOT Wrongly! Don't be mislead... why not look to Nature for solutions! Spread the message! I won't mind if you forward my site to worthy friends and loved ones. You may be the 'channel' they need to get this information. When it's time and I'm 'into' it, I change, fine-tune, or otherwise, add to the site.

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The Healthy Things & Being Happy! That and having a great laugh every now 'n then-

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DISCLAIMER:The author of this site declares that all material contained herein about enhanced health and well-being is presented for educational purposes only. Nothing written here is intended to diagnose, cure or treat any specific disease. Viewers are advised to always consult their physician/pharmacist, & other health care professionals before beginning any new exercise ormaking any dietary changes !

DISCLAIMER:The author of this site declares that all material contained herein about enhanced health and well-being is presented for educational purposes only. Nothing written here is intended to diagnose, cure or treat any specific disease. Viewers are advised to always consult their physician/pharmacist, & other health care professionals before beginning any new exercise or making any dietary changes !